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  1. Thers no way they will ever replace the lotus, we got and still get too much lotus themed stuff, shel come back to us
  2. Knowing WF im sure it will be like this, a repetitive mission. For us that played the game for a long its gonna be a short lived hype, but damm, new players joining the game will have so much fun exploring everything WF has to offer
  3. Pretty sure she will come back, or we wouldnt get Lotus related stuff
  4. Hey guys, new clan Song of the Blade is recruiting, no requirements, no need to be social, active every day or have any MR, join like I used to join in my 6 years of Warframe, for the blueprints 🙂
  5. Agree with everything you said. Warframe is a pure fun game, No one gets Hurt if we got op frames, dont take the fun out of the game
  6. That dojo planner is actualy awesome Well, time to get to it, this gonna keep me busy for some weeks I see, which is damm awesome
  7. This was gonna be my next question, just came from Wiki reading about it. So the best way is to build tons of rooms and research everything as ghost, and when done, raise the tier to whichever I want?
  8. Thats awesome news 😄 how much time did it take you to do it alone?
  9. Hey guyss, ive been in this clan for a while, but it seems all the leaders quit, which kinda sucks since I spent lots of time and resources decorating it. Anyway, now id like to make my own clan, so things dont repeat themself. So my question is, how hard/resourceful is it to make a bigger dojo? Ive been playing since closed beta, so I have alot of resources. Main reason I want one is because I like decorating, so is it possible for a one tenno alone to create a big dojo?
  10. I think lotus Will come back in some form, we got New vandal weapons with logo on them, All the dojo decorations and so in, would be too much Work to replace her
  11. Wonder why the new vabdals have the lotus logo on them, im sure shel come back
  12. I so agree with you, been playing since beta, and I loved beeing OP. Then they nerfed the S#&$ out of Ash, Ember, and many others. It just makes no sense, its not a competetive game, just let us have fun
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