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  1. No puedo hacerlo en el estudio hay que agregar la acción el Kubrow donde sea
  2. Nido de Ambulas 🐔 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1r9ZJ0iSaVkFtUG8jsDc0Z6gtfrw75Bjz/view
  3. I am grateful with the changes and updates but apart from the equinox prime access there is nothing to buy. Why buy platinum? Sell more.
  4. Fail ... The new boss has a load screen for a cave really? I got kicked back to Fortuna when attempt to leave that cave...
  5. Still have to much platinum give me more skins atlas-equinox and the new wf so I can spend my platinum and buy more :V
  6. Lol I spent hours killing those spiders and nothing. THK a lot! 😄
  7. The Adaptation mod was working fine for me, isnt anymore? <_< rip Hildryn
  8. Melee click Very nice changes but I want to attack with my mouse left click like before 😕 pressing a million times a key is not the same as use your mouse click... if I change the attack key to use the mouse I can't shoot with my mouse, what happend there? Edit: The option is in the menu to attack with the click Sorry u_u Nvm The FX are awesome 😄
  9. Hildryn come to me! Can you guys change this? Instead of 300 - it could be 30% or 35% or 40%
  10. Oh boy please DE 60 min and 60 min with a friend + condition 😕 is not enough that we have to wait a month to complete the rank 29 for 1 forma? I'm wondering if it's worth it.. is it?
  11. - BUG? My friend and I did the Sortie and my Nightwave quest was complete... but it didn't count for him
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