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  1. It sounds like from the radio wolf is spawning in corpus mission
  2. DE’s rational im assuming is Profit taking should only be hurt by archguns so not using an archhun on profit taker is unintended mechanic that goes against gameplay and lore. As for me I’m on the fence with the issue Maybe Spin attacks should have a slight status neg idk it’s not a big problem for me.
  3. Don’t try to cheese too hard abusing mechanics in a way that promotes negative methods is probably a no no If the means don’t justify the ends it probably isn’t ok
  4. If I did I’d have already made a YouTube video about it lol. It just seemed like alot people weren’t doing some of the challenges because they didn’t want to even though they could, so it felt like I was being a masochist for doing all these tasks. I feel like skipping any of these challenges would be dishonorable so I made it my mission to do it all if nobody else will.
  5. My melee playstyle doesn’t feel like it disrupts flow at all so perhaps this maybe a challenge for certain people in melee 3.0. We will either adapt or find combat flow not responsive as intended.
  6. I’m doing 100% of nightwave no mater what. For my ocd and sense of accomplishment and determination.
  7. Am I the only person who has done every single nightwave challenge? Am I crazy? Feels like I’m in the 1% of people who bothered to do every nightwave challenge so far. P.S.- Edited for clarity
  8. This challenge is easy for mr27 and doesen’t take much time or resources in. Newer players have much more to lose and The 3 forma challenge is worse for vets and new players. making a cheap zaw and making space for a melee weapon is basically what you’ve been doing for every other weapon you don’t use
  9. If melee 3.0 is supposed to be more fluid and intuitive quick melee will have no use especially if you can insta switch so I don’t see the problem with the combat
  10. I still haven’t finished farming the arcanes which are the only things I can consider a challenge anymore once I finish that I will no longer have anything to challenge me for my builds
  11. That is the worst idea I have heard in my entire life do you know what game you’re playing?
  12. You can gild something very cheaply Not everyone took the time to make every zaw or amp this is far from veteran unifriendly you definitely have the resources to go out of your way to do this if you are mr26 and really shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. it’s the newer players that will suffer if they don’t have the resources they need to make the zaw or amp they want and end up making something they won’t use and waste standing. for the 3 forma yeah it’s a bit much but as a challenge getting forma from relics exists and you can knock this out easy if you know what to do but again newer players might need to use forma on something they don’t need or waste it. And for vets that have most of everything this is a very boring waste of time than gilding unless there a weapon or frame you haven’t forma’d for or have gotten and wouldn’t mind dumping forma to experiment. best way newer players can do this is use the forma on a prime or a frame that doesen’t have one that they own but they definitely wouldn’t know that. these missions involve using resources so it isn’t going to be aimed for the high end players or the fresh new player it’s most likely aimed for people who definitely aren’t new but haven’t completed everything there is yet but are close enough to the end There should be mission that exist to challenge players with those resources to do something with it like riven challenges but tuned to exploring how to make challenges that do not rely on measuring difficulty based off on resources but your ability to use those resources and that should be what challenges will be made for the high end players. These missions are definitely not. The worse thing about the gilding challenge is literally just buying space which again I really and I mean really doubt that any vet that mastered every weapon is complaining about getting space for one. These 2 weekly missions look like they are for the mr14-20 players who play actively and should have the resources to do these kind of challenges since they haven’t done everything.
  13. I mean you can go in with intact relics pubs or premade then again I’m fairly loaded but at mr 10 or 9 l think you should be able to farm for ducats pretty well to get 1k ducats if you take the time
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