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  1. If you use khora’s 2 and 4 I think the LoS restriction is kinda pointless and a sad consequence of trying to spam her 1 by itself, which is fine with me. Luckily, the nerf is not that bad in theory. I don’t use saryn’s 1 for raw damage
  2. Incorrect and Faulty premise, This is not a bug as excalibur used to work the same way and atlas still works this way therefore it’s safer to say it’s inconsistent rather than some unintentional bug If DE didn’t intend for rivens to work on warframe weapons they would/should have changed or addressed this mechanic being inconsistent among different warframes
  3. I think I got it. Doing 365 slash damage against armored enemies to do slash procs that only do 365 damage per tick is better than removing the armor entirely
  4. lvl 110-150 Enemies is my benchmark of when enemies have gone high enough at that point they do high enough damage for you to take them seriously and take enough damage for you to use your arsenal efficiently Lvl 150+ is what I call no man’s land and requires your upmost best performance lvl 60-110 is when it starts to ramp up to let you know to get ready and set up but it’s manageable Lvl 30-60 when you are decked out these is pretty much the introductory levels to something harder but not really and anything lower isn’t worth mentioning This is how I see things in term
  5. “Doing what’s right isn’t always the easiest thing”
  6. The writers are irrelevant the story can work whether lotus betrays the sentients or we kill her either way starting a new story arc
  7. i just don’t want full control of the lotus’s destiny nor do I want to fully give up on her for it to be a satisfying narrative and conclusion
  8. I care but the problem is that we were enemies from the start and It’s up to the lotus if she wants to continue with us as a traitor or return home
  9. his 4 stuns and scales with amount of enemies affected/near eachother he's obviously not a braindead nuke but he serves his purpose for the way I use him I see no problems in his current state you can't just press 4 and expect ZA WARUDO btw 1 doesn't interrupt reloading 1 handed weapons so try shooting
  10. Ideas 1.All weapons and frames come automatically maxed 2.one free forma use (if weapon or frame is 0 forma) 3. universal polarity excluding umbra
  11. It sounds like from the radio wolf is spawning in corpus mission
  12. If I did I’d have already made a YouTube video about it lol. It just seemed like alot people weren’t doing some of the challenges because they didn’t want to even though they could, so it felt like I was being a masochist for doing all these tasks. I feel like skipping any of these challenges would be dishonorable so I made it my mission to do it all if nobody else will.
  13. Am I the only person who has done every single nightwave challenge? Am I crazy? Feels like I’m in the 1% of people who bothered to do every nightwave challenge so far. P.S.- Edited for clarity
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