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  1. I don't even know what challenges even exist to decide whether or not the game is easy or hard
  2. I like Nyx she is definitely somewhat viable maybe even barely but she’s alot more than people make her out to be I I find Nyx to already have a good foundation her abilities she just need to be updated to fit the current state of the game her 4 However is her most polarizing ability. It’s not beneficial unless you mod specifically for assimilate sacrificing your chaos build. I believe in changing this ability into anything else that doesn’t help her survivability unless it’s a safeguard Her 1 I find lack luster in damage, add a way to control where the mind controlled goes and who they attack/follow to make use any buffs they might have, I also heard of making the target explode when the duration ends counting stored damage, another spitball here but some sort of link that redirects fatal damage from nyx to her mind controlled target similar to loki’s safe gaurd switch which ties into her form of survivability which I will go into Her 2 incentives weapons as a main source of dps not her abilities which is fair but getting rid of the reset would be wonders you could also due by putting the aug into the base ability and removing damage entirely For her 3 I will be discussing her survivability. Nyx works off evasion I think a safegaurd tied to her 1 would be best as it fits her more since loki already has invisibility. Her 3 already is pretty good for what she is I wouldn’t change it except making her aug part of the ability starting at 100% or make make chaos induced enemies deal more damage which will be a double edge sword for nyx but with safeguard and her already low stats it’s not a big deal as you how much damage enemies do but how likely they will hit you Frames like banshee, nyx and titania I believe for their method of survivability lack a form a safeguard that acts a recovery while their usage of evasion stalls out for their safeguard condition to refresh and not only that survivability that works off evasion goes into the risk vs reward dilemma making it more reasonable for nyx to lose some of her restrictions and to be more useful with her abilities
  3. I had 4mil credits at mr9, however I did only use the Arca Plasmor for 3 years
  4. Her aesthetic changed into an aquatic angelic type. I myself am not into it completely but I appreciate it nonetheless I’m more looking forward to her deluxe that adds on to her huntress forest theme
  5. What do I use on my frost now?
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