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  1. In the current build Melee provides too many advantages over guns due to their uncontested nature. So I propose we make melee contestable. I also believe this will provide Specifically against melee enemies we should use a rock paper scissors approach that work in a general sense. You can still play a certain way however you are expected to build/adapt to cover the inherent weakness of your playstyle as you always were. Both you and melee enemies can quick melee, block, heavy attack and parry but not every enemy needs to have all 4 tactics at once. To maintain consistency these rules are
  2. I only started using redirection because of shield gating, You know, I don't mind being in the meta and all that but I will rarely truly min max so hard. I'm trying to have fun here and if min maxing takes the fun out of an experience where it's not necessary, don't ever insinuate that people are lower than you for not doing so.
  3. he won't but can Also, I'm not trying to defend the current model. What I'm saying is that even if we make a beneficial change to how progression is measured the core of the argument will not be satisfied. I agree with you that improvements can be made to make a better progression model, there isn't much for me to disagree with you on that premise other than your application of said premise. This point doesn't apply to the OP's case as I said before he's not inhibited by an inability from the game itself but by their own pride. Your argument of making accommodations and improving
  4. Whether or not these people who are high MR are discussing MR is not the issue but rather, the fault lies in what is progression you're looking for and how does it help anyone? Mastery can be replaced with related prerequisites acts a player must complete in order to engage with certain content and activities, we can remove mastery points and just let people take the MR tests to prove themselves of being able to effectively use their arsenal rather than being given a free arsenal with no sense of accomplishment. If we had more nightwave acts that encouraged different areas of conten
  5. Irrelevant to the main premise and does not fall within the OP's argument. Whether or not MR should be abandoned and left to a new system is a another discussion in of itself. However it would need to be as flexible if not more flexible than MR if people were to complain about doing x activity rather than achieving a certain MR You lose significant power in this discussion as your unwillingness to engage with the game's Mastery system is not a problem of inability or self-inflicted challenge but of arrogance. Ideally, the mastery system at this point of the game does not sh
  6. Grendel is ok, he can keep up in survival endurance fairly well Vauban is great, he can dominate in interception endurance as long as a frame is viable it's a good frame
  7. This isn't a random node on the starchart where people of many intentions queue for a survival, it is fair to deduce that the endurance tier for orphix venom is to be ran for an endurance run whether it be started from a pug or not. If there is a goal you wish to do in warframe and a pub group is either inefficient or the goal is niche to the main purpose of the given area you are running in, there will be at most times a community of people creating pre-made groups for such desires. Of course there are who people drop out early, running for lavos parts is just a unforeseen consequence of
  8. With enough practice it's merely a matter of muscle memory
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