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  1. right now she is a threat what happens in the new war is strictly us dealing with a traitor
  2. It’s a new spy tileset pugs are gonna fail it for the time being
  3. I had to solo the spy sortie because it was new plus I used ivara however it is a bit more challenging compared to the rest
  4. Too bad nobody would ever not host because of host migration and latency
  5. Throw this ability cooldown away and burn it and after you’ve burned it delete it from existence
  6. I definitely wasn’t standing in front of 7 bombards with 300 health while playing warframe for my first time you think I don’t know her abilities existed relying on WoF to make a fire proc is very foolish this is why we have firequake but the range on ember’s 4 is what makes her playstyle risky in the first place fireball is effectively single target cc and is used on choke points not the kind of survivability I’m talking about her 2 is great nuff said Her 3 press it to not die as much So yeah her survivability works in theory But it just doesn’t matter at anyway when her DPS and the way she does it is unfairly outclassed and underperforms look at mesa, Volt and saryn Ember’s DPS just isn’t good enough damage with her style of play. she’s never gonna be a better aoe nuke than saryn but her DPS should be way better than what she has now and she doesn’t need 95% DR just adding something else into her kit so she isn’t just cc
  7. Less range but no reliable survivability and fire damage even with ember falls off too quickly I’m going to say it’s both
  8. Mesa is ok, her main point for me is killing mobs anyway I don’t mind not having mesa as the designated boss killer it lets us have a reason to use Chroma and mirage I don’t care about banshee
  9. The issue is nobody is concrete on the kind of endgame warframe is best suited for and what it actually means there should some kind of incentive to keep playing the game with your strongest gear While at the same time gameplay pushing you to be on the best of your own abilities
  10. Reworked Gameplay Analysis The the point of burning enemies with her 1 should focus on DOT fire damage and stack ember’s passive which can increase the damage While enemies are burning pressing 2 and dealing damage to enemies affected by her 1 will act as a way to perform high damage in an immediate area her 3 will be used to keep ember alive via her flame aura as she tries to spread flames giving her the needed survivability to take some hits to allow her to be mobile but by no means make her a tank her 4 will be her aoe clear but at the cost of resetting her passive this ability is to be used when you collected enough burning enemies and your passive is high enough similar to Equinox 4 Thoughts The gameplay to my understanding feels too close to saryn and equinox however what makes ember different is her ability for single target DPS in addition to multi target DPS Ember will be much more mobile and will have to find enemies to focus down since she cannot always rely on her 4 and have to find a bunch of enemies to stack up allowing her abilities to shine when things start to get difficult and have less immediate fall off
  11. You already failed With no survivability she’s just a worse saryn you need to give ember something that makes her different from other frames so people have a reason to choose her https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1094133-myunhealthyhobby’s-ember-rework-idea/ I recommend going here and seeing what you can add or critique on
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