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  1. I don't mind the cap and when you hit rank 30 it doesn't show a rank 31 level so I got the message that there was a cap or something with the cap I can stop logging in for nightwave because lotus knows i'd still be grinding every piece of standing but those are my vices
  2. they can probably make it unique to ember like how hildryn has her own abilities with shields
  3. We definitely gotta stop those newer players from using those arca plasmor rivens in all seriousness I’m not too upset by this
  4. Power levels don’t work here you can’t scale everything into a number
  5. I literally just roll and wall dash I don’t see the problem
  6. I love this thread, there are some things I don’t agree with completely but overall you hit the core points well
  7. There’s an Ayatan amber star blueprint
  8. I’d like them to expand upon it making it a more viable option for relic farming I guess
  9. We don’t need to be rewarded from it just showing self healing and healing done to others would be a nice addition
  10. I’m just gonna use bows again also bows are trash don’t use them ok
  11. In almost every broker system you just look up who is selling the lowest for the item and just sell lower than them you have no idea how hard the price drops will hit the economy at this point of the game and for uber rare items people just make ridiculous high selling prices since there is no competition (aka rivens rn but worse)
  12. Ps4 recruit chat just sucks and trading can take a while
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