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  1. Any Updates on the status of Operator Fashion? Mix and Matching as well as some older sets no longer flow freely with the mesh cuts. And waistbands.. We have a large thread here!
  2. Is operator fashion frame being addressed with the coming release of the new hair? Thank you! ❤️
  3. How are operator cosmetics/hair and current issues being addressed by the team? You guys are working hard! Just wondering where you're at! 🙂
  4. Happy Halloween everyone! Squeaking in at the last minute here with my poster submission for the art side 😄I was a little inspired by Nosferatu. My first official fanart for Warframe! Thanks for the opportunity DE! Your past has caught up with you Alad V, she's found you, and it's time for... REVENGE. Full 11x17 Size can be found: https://www.deviantart.com/silverfang-00/art/FanArt-Warframe-Movie-Poster-REVENGE-770655425?ga_submit_new=10%3A1541012891
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