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  1. When dying in Arbitration, and you want to leave the mission, you are prompted with this message, which states that any Rewards you have earned, you will keep. I believe that if you successfully survived a rotation, you should have been able to keep the reward from the rotations you have already completed. 11 minutes into a survival, I slipped up and died. Teammates were clearly going for the second rotation, I can't blame them. So I try to back out, being reminded by the message that I would keep the Rewards I earned up to that point (the Rotation reward, not anything I picked up) But yet, I get nothing
  2. KotoKuraken

    Volt Discharge Does Nothing [Fixed]

    Sometimes Volt's Discharge works perfectly. Sometimes it doesn't work at all. -Stage 1 of today's Elite Sanctuary Onslaught (Corrupted in Shipyard Tileset) it works perfectly. Stage 2 (Grineer in Sealab) it decides it just won't work. Some stages it would hit everything, then the next cast it would hit nothing on that same stage. -I tried standing out in the open, making fully sure that all enemies could see and were aggo'd on me (just to make sure I didn't miss a Line of Sight nerf that had anything to do with walls and alert state) and I watched as my ability did nothing. I cast again, Simaris got 200% mad, and it still didn't hit anything. -Pop out of mission, recheck the build, it's still the same: 170% duration, 100% efficiency, 235% range, 125% strength. Decide to go solo to ensure it wasn't a network problem. -Same thing happens: everything dies on Stage 1. Almost nothing dies or even gets hit at all on Stage 2. And again the various other stages it either worked and hit everything on the map, or it hit nothing at all. Or it would keep changing its mind whether it wanted to work from one cast to the next during the same stage. Didn't matter if enemies were alerted or standing in the open. tl;dr Sometimes Volt's Discharge works perfectly. Sometimes it doesn't work at all. Doesn't seem to be related to enemy alert state, line of sight, or network issues. Edit: Tested in Simulacrum to see if Armor vs Shields was a factor; it does not seem to be a factor at all. There is a possibility of the gamemode itself presenting the problems, but that is just a hypothesis based on negating all the more common factors
  3. KotoKuraken

    Operator armor changes: No, DE. Just no.

    I for one actually like that the scarf was moved to the chest piece. I finally have a use for this thing, and it actually blends pretty well with the Umbral Scarf If you do end up removing it from the chest piece, at least allow me to use the scarf from the Vahd Cuirass without having to equip the helmet. I don't like the helmet, and the Vahd scarf by itself is already a great scarf
  4. Actually I prefer the scarf on the chestpiece. I prefer it because I like that scarf, but I hate the helmet
  5. KotoKuraken

    Where is update 23.10.0?!

  6. KotoKuraken

    Is water wet? (Discussion)

    well, it is in "Off Topic"
  7. KotoKuraken

    Is water wet? (Discussion)

    so basically, then, it depends if you mean it as an adjective or a noun. However, this would mean that water is the wet, but it itself cannot be wettened
  8. KotoKuraken

    Is water wet? (Discussion)

    but what if you have ice cubes covered in water? Wouldn't that be wet, hard water?
  9. KotoKuraken

    Would you like 8 man rail jack raids

    There were two main reasons why Raids were not popular 1) 8 man parties Any team more than 5 people is bound to be extremely hard to mediate, and can lead to miscommunication Often, when Raids were alive and well, simply forming a group of 8 people for the Raid was a hassle. It always took too much time to get everyone ready on their specific loadouts and roles, people would get pissed at other people for not running very specific loadouts (even if they were very viable loadouts), and the whole team would disband in many cases before the Raid had begun For those groups that did get into the Raids, a lot of groups would fail the Raids or drag it out excessively long, since communication was not absolute and people had no idea what was going on 2) Repetitive Raids never changed. They were always the same thing every single time, without variation People that started out were not good, because they had no practice. Those that did have practice and were great at Raids ran them too many times for it to be fun anymore, and would only lead them to be more upset with players that borked the run because of the reasons stated in 1) 3) Bugs This was the nail in the coffin. Raids were at least manageable, but because there were constant bugs to come up and completely destroy Raid runs, many people stopped playing. I don't blame them either when you get so far into a Raid only for a bug to be the only factor stopping you from moving to the objective Because of the reasons stated in 1), 2) and the introduction of Raid-breaking bugs, a lot of players stopped playing altogether. At this point, because so few people ever played Raids anymore (most especially the Jordas Raid), they were scrapped because they were more hassle to constantly fix than they were worth tl;dr 8 man Raids lead to a lot of problems and frustration that could have been prevented with only 4 people. It's far easier to communicate with a handful of people. Which means it would be easier to deal with problems that will come with Railjack when you have a team you can actually understand and constantly communicate with
  10. KotoKuraken

    Required Solo Sortie Qualifier

    I have a very simple solution: Do the Sortie completely solo if you can't trust other people. Or invite some friends, if you have any You get to complete the Sortie without worrying about other people failing (I trust you can do the Sortie solo considering your proposal for "qualifications"), and the rest of everyone else gets to attempt Sorties like normal
  11. KotoKuraken

    Earth's Cycle

    I might be a little slow on this one, but I think I just realized why Cetus and Earth both have different day and night cycles, with Cetus experiencing 100min day and 50 min night, while Earth has equal day and night cycles. Cetus is a city on the planet, and thus experiences a normal, full day that any city would experience. But the rest of Earth is always enveloped in exactly half night and half day as a whole at any given time. I can't believe I didn't realize this sooner.
  12. KotoKuraken

    Login Forgiveness

    No, you misunderstand my post. My post is not to completely forgo logins. My post is about having help with logins. You still have to log in at least 5 days out of the week. This isn't "oh I don't have to log in, ever". It's "oh crap, I missed a day. I"ll have to make sure to stay logged in and play the game on the weekend to make it up." Entitlement is asking for something without doing anything for it. I'm asking for something that can help players make up mistakes, while also getting them to stay in game a bit longer if they do end up making up days. You still have to put forth the effort in order to claim your extra days, you still have to put in the effort to log in
  13. KotoKuraken

    Let's talk about vehicles

    it'd take a lot of work to make those vehicles more viable than a Warframe itself. I have a lot of weapons that can already outdamage and are more accurate than the current turrets and Dargyns ingame. Maybe for mobility, but Dargyns/Archwings are already more mobile, and the hoverboard looks like it'll be insanely mobile as well Maybe if they had to be used as part of an objective or something, but it would have to be a pretty cool tank for me to want to use it over a Warframe's insta delete weaponry
  14. KotoKuraken

    Login Forgiveness

    So players should be shut out from any rewards on their favorite game, because they have life responsibilities to be concerned about? The whole point is not to be a crutch, the point is that no one is perfect and not everyone can log in everyday. It's not entitlement. Entitlement would be asking to just make the weapons not tied to login rewards. All I'm asking is that there is a way to make it easier for people to log in for their stuff so that they don't have to have be consumed with logging into a game no matter what life problems come up. You still have to log in consistently to make up all those missed days
  15. KotoKuraken

    Login Forgiveness

    yea, that's all the arguments seem to be so far. "Don't concern yourself with what others have". "You can't get behind because you'll eventually get it". "The rewards don't matter". "You have a lot of items, why should you care for these ones?". "It's not fair to the people who have never missed a day". The thing is, we need to think about it from a new player's perspective. New player jumps in. "oh boy! Login rewards! How long do I have to log in to get all this cool stuff?" "oh, just gotta login for over 3 years straight to get all the rewards currently out, then you gotta login for another 3 whole years by the time you've gotten to that milestone" Having a login system that helps cater towards newer players or people who are getting into the game only helps out our system. It won't hurt players that have been playing awhile, because anyone who has been playing as long as me I know for sure haven't been fully playing this entire time. Players that have been around that long play the game a bunch, but log in when they can and play another game when they get burnt out. Then come back to play some more, and then go back to only logging in and not playing the game when something else catches their eye. If anything, this will help give newer players a better reason to want to login every day, and give players who have been around longer the peace of mind that they can come back to Warframe with open arms instead of being punished for taking a break