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  1. KotoKuraken

    Which Enemy Is the most annoying in Fortuna?

    Pretty much every enemy type that either severely limits my choice of frame because there's swarms of units with nullification, and every kind of enemy that spams bouncies so you can't touch the ground to reload or even start a melee combo. Soooooo, pretty much 95% of the Corpus. At least they do basically nothing for damage, but still very annoying
  2. KotoKuraken

    Vega Toroids, Why Don't They Drop?

    I switched to the interior, got about 1 Toroid every 4 minutes. I would run with farming frames, but I don't like running farming frames without a squad. And I can't get a squad together if no one is looking for Toroids (I generally wait around a half hour on ingame Recruiting or Discord, and there will be no responses for a squad-up) At least now I know to go in the back of the base instead of staying out in front with the "tougher" enemies. (I say tougher as in, "will bump and bounce you around but do the damage of hitting you with a cotton swab")
  3. So I saw in the recent hotfix that the dropchance for Vega Toroids was increased. "Sweet!" I thought, because I haven't been able to get any to drop in a long time. That was what I thought an hour ago. I've been at the Space Port for an hour with the enemy at full alert with zero drops. I don't understand how long I need to be in here to get a single drop. No one queues for Vega Toroids for some reason (neither ingame recruiting nor the School Bus Discord), so I'm here solo. No bounties (at least the high level ones that I normally play) have come to the Space Port in like a week or two. Enemies only come in waves here, so I have to sit here for like 2 whole minutes to wait for something to spawn (currently typing this out in increments as I'm still in the base at full alert). I don't understand what else I need to do when I'm killing stuff constantly here and there's nothing dropping at all. Not even one Toroid drop after an entire hour
  4. KotoKuraken

    Chat ban duration?

    Seems a bit strict to chat ban someone from all chats on their first offense for an entire week, or that you are never given an actual timeline as to how long the chatban will last (kind of important information to know) Also seems particularly ironic considering we regularly cut down opponents into bits and pieces everyday and regularly genocide enemies, but words are "too harsh" that now the person is no longer able to talk with anyone at all, not even their clan or squad.
  5. KotoKuraken

    I Touched the Orb and Transcended

    I visited the Temple of Profit to learn the ways of Grofit. Through the touch of the Exploiter Orb I was baptized by the ways of the wind. Here I was reborn into Master of the Elements, Beholder of the Everlasting Winter, the Enduring Rusky of Gusties
  6. KotoKuraken


    You really expect everyone to read every single little details in the patchnotes that are over 20 pages long. People don't even read though User Agreements, you really expect people to read a freaking book of a list of bugfixes? Don't be a weirdo and just help people out
  7. KotoKuraken


    now that is useful information ^
  8. KotoKuraken


    so, where do I find the Vent Kids? "in the vents" is very vague and unconvincing. I've been all over the second floor and there's jack up here
  9. okay, I think that makes a lot more sense for both you and the other guy now that you've said that. In my area, speed is sold by how much your entire network will get, and you have to guess the speed for the rest of your devices from there. However, with your speed being sold "per device" or by "expected device speed", your router's speed has already been calculated at what it'll split to and is sold as such. AT&T in my area sells a 100 Mbps plan for $50, and that's a plan for the whole network instead of what's expected per device. Only time I'll actually ever hit that speed is when I'm the only one in the house.
  10. You're right. I guess one person having better than average connection is enough evidence to overthrow several years studying networking and physically working in that field. The fact still remains that whatever speed your Wifi physically pushes out, that speed is divided among all your devices. However, the speed his router is pushing out is definitely higher than what he's paying for. As far as what Warframe requires, yea I agree with you on that one. It doesn't require much, considering I was able to run it on phone data by tethering it for a month on a 2GB data plan. My point was that you can still receive a bump in ping noticeably higher than in solo. My housemate and I are on the same network and get around 30 ping when we're at the house by ourselves, but when everyone's home we can see up to 300 ping
  11. Hmm, you might be higher up in the pipe than your neighbors. Sometimes when people are closer to their ISP, they get a higher speed than what they paid for unintentionally. ISPs have to push all the speed they need for everyone down the line (since it's one big data cable that splits off as it travels further outwards), and everyone in that chain is supposed to only take the share they paid for. I'm not 100% if that's the case for you, but that's usually how that happens For example, if the ISP has to deliver service to your house, and then to a company that's later on in the chain of that line, they have to push your speed, their speed, and enough extra speed to compensate for loss. As a result, your house might get more than it should have. Again, not 100% sure, but that's a possibility
  12. It's not really an unlikely case. Take for example having multiple roommates, or having a family on a home network, or any kind of situation where like 4 or 5 people are on the network, each with a laptop, phone, and gaming console. Having all of those people online at the same time bogs down the network very easily unless you happen to have at least some of them separated from the Wifi by plugging into the Ethernet ports 100Mbps connection on your computer, or paying for 100Mbps service through your router? It's your router's highest possible speed that is split when there are multiple devices on the network. If you've got 4 devices all with an active lease from your router, the speed is capped for each device by what it splits
  13. Clients to the host in a game session are still sending their packets/requests to the host, which sends it to DE's servers, and then returns it back to clients. If the host loses connection to DE's servers, connection is lost during the session and you get a host migration, or you get the whole squad losing connection to the multiplayer servers. You can't run a squad that has lost connection to DE's servers, even if you still have connection to the clients in your squad. Having a lot of devices all using your router at the same time can still be a problem. If it's just a couple friends playing the game, sure it won't have much effect. But if there's a bunch of people all watching Netflix/Youtube and a couple other people playing Warframe, the ping will go up. Probably not considerably, but that wasn't the point. The point was whether or not it would differ much from being solo, and yes it can differ quite a lot from solo due to the rise in ping because of a congested network.
  14. Actually no, that's not how it works. Let's say you have 1Gbps Wifi available for your router, that's the service you pay for. If you have 4 devices, each of them can only reach 250Mbps, because routers split speeds between all actively connected devices, including laptops, cellphones, gaming consoles, printers, etc. That's not a bad router, that's just how routers physically work. Signed, Someone who works in Network Management
  15. KotoKuraken

    2 Handed Blade (Heavy Blade) Design/Fashion

    I just wanna put my sword on my shoulder like a badass that can't be bothered by petty minions