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  1. Every so often I will click on Phase 2, and instead of going to the cinematic it instead freezes my game. It does not unfreeze and I have to ctrl alt delete my way out of the game and force close it
  2. The original intent that was stated for the addition of archguns (and their numerous restrictions), was so that you would have brief moments of beefy damage. However, this is not the case. When I have to wait 10 minutes to use giant 4 barrelled flak cannon that is easily outperformed by a tiny pistol, there's a problem. The Problems Damage. I have several rifles and pistols that outperform the Archguns that I wonder why I can't just use those to do the heists instead of the Archguns Ammo. There's not very much ammo at all. 3 or 4 magazines worth tops, and it's scarce to get them back at all. Cooldown. You have to wait 10 whole minutes before you can use the thing again, but that cooldown only starts after you have used your entire ammo reserve, which means you'll be waiting an eternity before gracing yourself with another subpar gun summon. Proposed Solutions Either adjust the base damage or buff the archgun mods. The archguns are supposed to be big beefy damage, so the wait needs to be well worth it. The ammo should either become a more regular drop, or simply increase the amount of ammo these guns pack. Ammo lasts maybe 15-30 seconds on these things. The cooldown should either be cut down to just 3 minutes after the gun is put away, or (if you chose to make more regular ammo pickups) allow ammo pickups to reduce or eliminate the cooldown so you don't have to wait 10 whole minutes. The intent is, again, to provide big beefy damage. Well, in order to achieve that intent, we need guns that are very powerful, that will last long enough to actually make a sizable dent in the enemy, and that you can use often enough that it doesn't feel like one of those "Why is the rum always gone?" moments. I am open to further suggestions, but please, make sure to either upvote or provide counter-proposals/solutions. In its current state, archguns are not in a good place on the ground, especially against the Orbs. (Well, maybe if I would put my one and only upgrade onto the Velocitus it might have been a different story, but so far the other archguns are definitely subpar)
  3. Made another one. The Kraken got crackin
  4. Velcome to ze Konundrum of ze Koto
  5. Sounds great, like a background song for exploring during a quest, sneaking, or parkour. Though I really want to download your whole Soundcloud
  6. The Strun Wraith buff is welcome, but it seems a bit weird for the Strun Wraith to have the exact same total damage as the regular Strun and much weaker than the Sobek that is widely available on the market
  7. Hello my honey Hello my baby Hello my ragtime gal
  8. I was not incorrect with my numbers. It's .0125% That's because it's 2.5% to enter a rare pool, and then it has to go by the chance of getting that specific mod from the rare pool. You do not get 2.5% chance of dropping the rapier stance. You get a 2.5% chance of dropping A rare stance of some sort. .0125% is the chance you get for dropping that specific mod from the enemy each time you kill it.
  9. You could, if you were able to sneak by the bombards in the frenzy of the stuff. I left her out because it probably would not be a constant variable, and Hydroid has to kill enemies with his tentacles in order to pilfer them, also not very constant. If you managed to do Nekros, Ivara, and Hydroid perfectly, constantly, then I would say you'd have a chance to mathematically get it within, say, 30 hours of straight mission time, or almost 4 full 8 hour workdays. Again, that's if you perfectly get all of them to do their job consistantly, and still be able to kill Regor within a reasonable time.
  10. So my math does check out. All I did was incorporate Nekros into the mix, so the week would be two weeks without him. That's good for me. As for posting in another thread, I think that making multiple threads about a really sore subject nails in how urgent the issue is. If there was just one long thread, it could be "that thread", while having threads from multiple Tenno indicates a large amount of players that are generally concerned enough about a topic that they don't want their ideas to be overlooked in the middle of a thousand replies
  11. There have been stances I've never seen drop before (Final Harbinger, Vermillion Storm, etc etc) and they've been out for months. Sometimes it's okay for stances to take that long to drop, because most of them belong to a weapon that has extra stances that are common enough to be "good nuff" until they get a better stance. -But this is the ONLY stance for the weapon. Most people don't even use the Redeemer because its stance never shines in the light of day unless its in the glimmer of plat or luck. -Let's look at the chances to drop for the new rapier stance: .0125% (as stated by numerous other threads) -Let's say you go to Tyl Regor, where 2 Manic Bombards guarantee to spawn. .025% per mission -Let's say you farm with a Nekros every time .05% again, per mission for killing 2 manic bombards -With that, you still have to run the mission 2000 times to guarantee a drop -Now let's say it takes about 5 min to complete the Tyl Regor Mission That's 10k minutes, or about 160 hours (rounding for simplicity) -That's also about an entire week of pure mission time. -Now obviously we'd need to be somewhat realistic with farming for a hardcore gamer (due to time for sleep, eat, personal stuff), so we'll turn that into a sort of "job" as 8 hour workdays. If my math is somewhat correct, that would be around 20 full workdays, farming the same mission, over and over and over and over. -And if there's no Nekros, that's a full 40 days, 8 hours a day, 7 days a week of farming the same mission over and over and over and over. Remember, this is the only stance available to the weapon at this time. And no, I'm not willing to spend 20 dollars to buy a plat pack that will only cover the cost of one weapon with one stance, when I could potentially get an entire game on Steam for that same price
  12. So, lowered the health, lowered the damage, made it harder to mod for abilities, abilites themselves are weaker and less effective, and slapped on a nice new skin for a limited time. Nice, you just covered your nerf in glittery gold dust.
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