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  1. For Vauban I suggest his 3rd stay the same as an orbital strike is so awesome. His 4th stay mostly the same except transfer the armor buff to his Minelayer more detail below. 1. Replace Sticky Grenade with Damage Amp rename it Overclock (for our PC brethren) and allow it to scale up to a minimum amount with enemy levels that will stack with ability power allowing a useful but not overpowered damage buff. A helpful addition would be some sort of effect to indicate when you an allies are under the effect of this ability so we know when to recast. 2. Replace Nail Grenade with an armor buff rename it Fortification. Yes I know his 4th has an armor buff but it should be transferred to this ability because certain game modes like interception require players to split up. This will make it costly to cast 4 times. With this grenade it will not only cost less but also be faster allowing you to quickly buff your team and get back to your point. As stated before an affect that indicates when you and allies are under it's effect would be beneficial. Possibly something to the armor effect that the engineer class from Mass Effect had, where it looks like a hologram? 3. Lastly remove Boost Pad and rename it Aegis Charge. This ability boost yours and allies shields recharge and melee kills on enemies under the effect of Tesla Drones stun, increase the rate of shield Regen. (Applies to allies as well) This allows more utility with his 1st ability and gives him a more complete kit in my opinion. As listed before an effect to indicate when you and allies are under this effect would be helpful. I realize this would require more time to work on him but I think he deserves this and would definitely make him more fun to play solo and coop. However it is critical that DE gets the numbers right for all this to work so please DE take your time. Any comments or concerns?
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