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  1. i will send each of you a PSN friend request also if you see a request from Bilvey1 please accept it as he is the clan leader.
  2. Hello fellow Warframe players! We are Phantom Clan a Shadow size clan and we are recruting for players regardless of Mastery Rank. We are wanting players for both gaming and chatting. We are looking for chill, mature, and active players who are not inactive for more than 30 days. While we have no age requirement, we desire some maturity in our members. If you are new to the game we will be more than happy to help you rank up and enjoy the game to the best of our ability. Our clan consists of members from around the world ranging from North America to Europe. We have everything unlocked in our dojo and look forward to doing current and future content. So if your interested in having someone to talk to and game with send a message on PSN to Bilvey1 and/or Shatter02 or on here and we will respond as quickly as possible. Bilvey1 is VERY active on warframe so he shoould respond quickly to any messages you send. Edit: because im a dumb dumb I forgot to say feel free to reply to this message as well if you want to join.
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