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  1. When you're feel so sad about the game and want to make other people feel the same.
  2. IIRC, it is 60% HP as Puncture Damage. They also deal decrease damage by Armor. Basically, if enemies have high armor and resisted to puncture damage. The damage deal will be minimal. Since I didn't normally using for damage so I didn't notice. But after your post I do remember that the damage somehow lower than before. Although, it didn't really have affect on my gameplay since I only using it for lock enemies into place. PS. If I really want it for damage I would stack it on top of each other like 4-5 times. It will deal a lots of damage or kill the enemies easily.
  3. Yes, I do. But did they complain? I think not. Because they 'Learn' to live with them. Not just 'Get rid of it pls, because I don't like it' (lol). Nightwave and Alert are the same, 'Optional'. They can improve, but to go to that you have to gave them Valid reason not just because 'I don't like it'.
  4. I run Sabotage almost everyday just to get that last Xiphos part. Also, Xiphos only drop from 3 Caches, so I don't have complain. You can change from 'Everyone' to 'Not Everyone' as your statement aren't true. Also, It normally took me 10 minutes to run Sabotage and find all 3 caches. But I can speedrun it and I think the fastest time I got was about 4 to 5 minutes (with all 3 caches ofc). You just need to know where they can spawn and you can find them easily. I think there are more people who don't do Alert than you think...
  5. Snow Globe with 75% Efficiency will cost 12.5 energy to cast. With max level Energizing Dash it should give you 5 energy per second... It should take you 3 second to get 15 energy meaning you can cast Snow Globe endlessly with Zenurik. Also, it take about 1 second to cast the Snow globe you do have 2 second to do anything else before go back to cast it again. Not to mention most Endless player normally play as squad. So I see no problem with someone tanking all the damage while other kill the enemies.
  6. You may hate me for this... But... I got all Volt Prime parts without me even buying any Volt relic from Baro. And I didn't mean I buy it from other players too... I think I got lucky that people in PUG just happen to be in my squad and opening those Volt relics and I got it too... But since the Tenno con is near. I think people will most likely buy the relics from there. However, I would agree that Volf Prime relic should also be drop for a limited time too.
  7. Elite give you 5k per tasks and it have 3 tasks per week. Basically, if nothing change on point and tasks. It should gave you about 36k from weekly tasks and 7k from daily tasks per week. Sum them up it would gave you 43k point per week. If you only count task right now it should be 37k point as daily still not reset/give a new one yet.
  8. Equip a glyph prism in gear wheel and use it in mission.
  9. After a fairly simple calculation, assume that each tier only need 10k to reach. The event needed to be 10 weeks to reach tier 28, assuming you're done all daily and weekly task without doing the elite weekly. Each daily gave 1k. There are 7 weekly tasks, each gave 3k meaning you'll get about 28k each week. If you occationally doing Elite you'll reach tier 30 in about 8 to 9 weeks.
  10. I would also like an option to continue play as Solo until next extraction in alert and some endless mission too. Mostly Alert and Sorties when we almost finish the mission and host migration failed. Auto extraction would mean you'll need to do it all over again (also with reduce EXP because you didn't finish a mission). But with option to let you play as Solo you can keep all EXP and items until the mission finish and get all rewards.
  11. Threre are some difference, when Paracesis reach rank 40 it has Void damage bonus that can do what Operator void damage can. Like, remove the Sentient damage resistance or alternating the Orb barrier. I think it also can damage Eidolons' shield? I don't know but it should can.
  12. Basically, the damage you done in those 4 seconds are convert to multiplier instead of flat number right? IIRC, there should be an Augment that increase the damage of controlled target by 500%. If it really gave flat number that would destroyed everything lol...
  13. I just got Stalker mark on me because of Phorid assassination sorties lol...
  14. We remember things that related to Warframe. Not to mention Lotus and Ordis guide us on how to do things. I don't think Ordis know that we forgot about we're the Operator (or his precept just forbid him to tell us). We did not remember things about Operator. Because we did use Warframe to fight Sentient. Not to mention, to fight Sentient effectively, the use of Operator's Void Energy is crucial. But since all Sentients are gone after the Old War ended. We may only fight as Warframe until we enter cold sleep. Some theory about cold sleep also including Amnesia.... Soooo.... yeah...
  15. It's not first time... we just forgot. We even forgot that we're Operator and think that we're the Warframe/inside Warframe from the beginning of the game. In the second dream quest Lotus did apologize to us, telling us that this is the real Tenno... the Operator.
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