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  1. Also, Funny things is that I ran over 15 rounds in Xini and Axi P2 NEVER appear for me... To the point that I wonder did they really drop Axi P2 lol... PS. I do get some Axi A6 from Xini. But I think only 1 or 2.
  2. Although, the Operator are capable of controling the Warframe when they are in close range. The Transference Bolt is still needed for Operator to control the Warframe from a much longer range (maybe, infinity?). Also, your question had already been answered by the Orokin, who first build the Warframe (Golem, not the Warframe with Armor like we have now). They just take them to the Warzone and just let's them do their things. The Orokin think they can control them, but they cannot. The Golem just went berserk and killed everything. The more they try to control them the more they go uncontrollable. Until one Golem stumbleupon the Tenno... Somehow, they can clam them and even instruct them to do things.
  3. It's a little funny that I farm for Axi P2 in Xini 4 round of interception and never got one in my 15 run lol...
  4. If Solo it's depend on luck because sometime, the Demolisher spawn very far and take a long time before you can hear them. Unless you take the risk and go looking for them. So, it's take about 2-3 minutes when you kill Demolisher fast and about 3-4 minutes if some Demolisher is the slow one (Nox, Thrasher etc.) and spawn very far.
  5. I think Nora hinted at something about Nef Anyo a long time ago... About party and invite or whatever (lol). But it would be great if it is Sentients related. Because... the New War.
  6. Grineer - Bosses are Clone so when they're killed they just clone more. Corpus- Mostly Proxies. But I do agree with Alad. Or maybe since he's a Orokin he can reborn? Infestation - Just morph more bosses lol...
  7. AFAIK, the Zealoid Prelate conversation with 'Us' didn't really address the Tenno but I think it's talk to either Warframe or Helminth. Well, like any other Infested Bosses anyway (lol). Also, I think the Zealoid and all this Nightwave are just the Infestation try to make something resemble 'Warframe' that us Tenno heal their heart. Like one of the Zealoid Prelate tell us that we're (either Warframe or Helminth) the 'Imposter'.
  8. Well, The tower defense things is kinda cool in my opinion. Since you can died and the only thing you lost is time. Time which you can use to defense and kill the enemies swarming the Tower. While I never encountered the 3 death limited yet (it must have a challenge quest or something). But I also know why people hate how PSO2 did about EQs. Because if they aren't limited, people will complain like what Warframe is got now. It's a time buying scheme and it's work well for almost 6 years. They do, however. Try to make people who don't have time to play by presenting a EQ table each week and new EQ will appear like 5 times a day for almost a month. There also Collection Quest where you can choose the target equipment you want (from that season of EQ) and play EQ to collecte the weapons and also get your target equipment without waiting for it to drop. The drop rate is rather low, however. But you can accumulated the drop percentage, if it reach 100% it will guarantee to drop next time you kill the monster that drop it. If you collect all the Weapons in the Collection Quest, you'll get your Target Equipment (mostly, the rare drop from that season of EQ). For free players, you can get upto 2 Collection Quest until you finished it. If you Finished it you can either start again or choose another equipment.
  9. TBH, I've played it since day 1 of Open Beta. I even created a charecter in Ship 2 (Which is, at that moment. The Ship most oversea players choose before SEGA put a gag order into it). But, I'm gonna be honest again. I'm only played Story mission and Most EQ I encontered on Extra Hard (or Lv. 80) only. I don't really play on challenge mode that have limited the ability of Arks (ex. Yamato 8 players). Since the highest level of my characters is 75. So, I really can't play content that require level 80 (mostly, challenge quest). I don't really see any problem with it. Although, what you siad is mostly true. But it didn't mean you can't died. You still needed to avoid/block incoming attack. Also, Deus Last part make me laugh everytime. How come he can destroyed the Moon but when we killed him the Moon suddenly back to normal... lol
  10. I'm also playing PSO2. I'm comparing these 2 games a lot, actually. What makes PSO2 fun is that, the enemies attack are slow. It's so slow that you have almost 1 full-second to avoid it. The battlefield also huge. So huge that even if you side-step to avoid the attack you still have planty of ground to continue avoiding the attack. But, to compensate that. The enemies attack are very high, even normal monster can 1-hit KO or you can take a combo hit from enemies swarming you and died in 1 second. So, it's take a lot of player's experience to be able to survive in high level raid. Bosses also have Ultimate/Finishing move that can 1-hit KO most of the players. So, avoiding or blocking them are crucial to finishing the raid. They are not hard to avoiding either. Since the boss will stop doing anything else just to prepare using it's Ultimate/Finishing move. You'll know when the boss will use the 1-hit KO move and prepare to avoid/block it. But Warframe is a fast-pace game. So, it cannot use the same system as PSO2 did. It's so fast that even 1 small mistake can kill you. If you side-roll you'll mostly guarantee to run into the wall. Which you can't roll anymore and will kill you in seconds. That is why in Open world map it was easier to fight compare to Ship/Interior mission. You can planty of ground to avoid enemies fire. Lastly, the enemies spawn pattern. PSO2 use the teleport/swarming enemies to spawn the enemies into the fight. You can just run around and second later the enemies will surround you. But most enemies that spawn will take about 2-3 seconds before it's ready to fight. So you'll have time to prepare or even first strike them down before they're ready to attack you. Unlike Warframe, where enemies spawn in the room out of your reach. But I did saw they try a new enemies spawn in the Emissary Ship. You have a door that cleary have green light in it (meaning it can be open) but you cannot open it. Only enemies spawn from that room can open it. Even if it opened, you cannot go through it. It's a very good idea. Only if they make the enemies spawn even if there are player around would be good.
  11. From : https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1129207-arbitrations-revisited-hotfix-2576/ I'm very happy they 'Fixed' this bug. I'd tested it in the game. The enemies no longer 'Run' to your position when you firing the Silent Guns with Invisible Frames. They also take a lots of gun shot just from them to notice the muffle sound (mostly, Sniper and Bow that have low fire rate will mostly go unnotice). The greatest thing is that, the enemies no longer go into Alert State where they know your position and try to kill you when you firing the Silent Guns with Invisible Frames. Thank you for the fixed. I've update this thread so people know that the bug have already been fixed.
  12. From what I see, The charged Tesla thingy change is pretty good. If you consider you only pay 1 cost (25 energy) for the 3 of them. Although, the aim are kinda bad. But if you throw them really close to the surface/team member and they're still stick together it would be really good. For Vortex and Bastille, I'm only use Bastille because Vortex is kinda bad for the energy cost (when consider the CC potential compare to Bastille). Still, if I have surplus energy I would still use the Vortex for grouping the enemies together when they were hold up in Bastille. The two ability grouping together only have 2 questions form me. Will we still be able to use Multiple Bastille? and If I only want Bastille will it be an option for that?
  13. Well, I just saying I saw a dumpster, or did you say the whole thread doesn't really have any meaning other then to express your sadness of the game?
  14. I never said I jump in that... Maybe you jumping in and saw the illusion of me in there?
  15. Well, maybe there're a person putting the dumpster in here...
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