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  1. I'll admit I never use those wires... First I depleted it's shield. Then I 'Mount' Ropalolysts to the tower (pylons?), press 'E' to dismount. Then damage him like ususal. I see no real use of those wires. Also, I do think the Tower is too far for Operator to void dash to it (with a lots of upgrade... maybe?)...
  2. For me, it seem like Natah got brainwash by the Sentient. When she first appear (as Natah), she didn't really do anything to us. Also, Alad V personality in Disruption seem to tell us that he too, had been brainwash. I may not read all the lore yet but I somehow notice that normal Alad V will not use the word 'CT' but 'Control Tower' and never talk to it. But Sentient Alad V will use CT as if it's a person. My theory is that Alad V may not aware of who/what this 'CT' is. Maybe it's a tower like 'Unum's Tower'. But why would Orokin Technology helping Sentient... IDK. For now, if what Natah told us it true. It's mean amoung the Orokin there are a person that would do anything to kill all the Orokin even if they had to use the power of the Sentient (well, we all know it's Ballas...). The thing is that Hunhow send Natah to be a spy after Ballas had made contect about the Tenno and secret of Lua. I don't really know if it's Ballas suggestion or Hunhow decision to send Natah. But I would say Ballas since it's seem like he had prepare everything for her. If it's Ballas's Plan to remake Natah into Margulis (by manipulating her mind over a thousand years to think and act like Margulis). It would make sense that one day he would reap what he had sow (that he would come back to Lotus). I think this is when things gone wrong. It's either the Ballas's brainwash didn't hold up as he expected. Or the Sentient sense Natah presence and try to get her back by brainwashing her again (by 'grandmother' it would seem...). PS. As I use 'brainwash' because it seem like the story didn't go straight. Each faction have their goal but Natah/Lotus didn't seem like she has a goal at all. Even if she did reverse back to Natah, she didn't come and kill us directly (Hunhow did come to kill us directly... even if it's end in failure). That is what I seen as 'Hesitation' (like Stalker), either the (Ballas's) brainwash did hold up or the (Sentients') brainwash not finish yet.
  3. Snow Globe with 75% Efficiency will cost 12.5 energy to cast. With max level Energizing Dash it should give you 5 energy per second... It should take you 3 second to get 15 energy meaning you can cast Snow Globe endlessly with Zenurik. Also, it take about 1 second to cast the Snow globe you do have 2 second to do anything else before go back to cast it again. Not to mention most Endless player normally play as squad. So I see no problem with someone tanking all the damage while other kill the enemies.
  4. I got one on Mobile Defense Mission... So... It's not just Capture... But I do not care anyway. I would use Ember and use World on fire to kill every enemies in like 30 seconds. The only things bothering me is that the enemies in Capture-to-Extermination have limited number. If you leave one in the spawn/starting room you'll have to head back there to kill it just to make another set of enemies to spawn... Which is kind annoying...
  5. The only thing that seem new about the mode is that you'll need to kill all enemies before you can go to the next room. Many people may hate it but I think it's a good idea. If not for the fact that other game that I had played already have this function and I feel kinda nostalgic killing enemies to open doors. Also, It's seem bugged. If one of the enemies fall to the hole they may ended up spawn in the next room... Which you have no way to go because the door is locked, basically soft lock you from finishing the mission. For me, his minions are more dangerous then he is... especially those incendiary bomb... I really hated it...
  6. This is a rather interesting topic. As I had discussed something similar before about the rewards system. The conclusion is that, there are people who only prefer to play the new mode only if there are appropriate rewards for them. Long story short, if there aren't exclusive rewards to that mode, they will not play them. PS. This may not be really related to the topic but the topic I previously discussed is about Stalker-PvP where there are players that wants people to participate by using exclusive rewards as baits. Without them they will just choose to opt-out, they said.... which I still stand that there shouldn't be an exclusive rewards, or if there are... They should be all tradable.
  7. The underground itself isn't the issue if it is the last objective of the bounty. But it mostly in the middle of bounty and you needed to travel to the ground for the rest of the bounty. Also, mostly underground bounty tend to be 'Eliminated nearby enemies' Which is normally a really fast bounty 'on the ground'. But undergound/Cave do not have Air transport meaning if you don't know where the enemies spawn, you can even failed the bounty. The spawned enemies also tend to be confuse in their path-finding too... Most likely they'll just jump around instead of trying to fight you... As I notice, underground elimination bounty mostly are 1 to 2 mins longer than normal one on the ground... That is added to the time you'll needed to travel in and out of the cave too...
  8. IDK about how Itzal will change but I only use it for Blink. If they have made any change for Blink and it worst I would use Odonata Prime instead... Also, after the PoE Remaster. The bounty tend to be underground more. IDK why they think we needed to travel 1.6km to underground and travel 1.2km back for the last objective on the ground. I really REALLY hate the underground bounty, it shouldn't exist. If I ever got underground bounty I would use Itzal's Blink to get back to Cetus and start bounty all over again. It faster than to lose 2-3 mins to just travel in and out of the Cave/underground base. PS. Maybe because people tend to use Blink to fast travel to underground and finish the objective before people who use other Archwings even get to the (underground area) bounty? Who knows...
  9. You may hate me for this... But... I got all Volt Prime parts without me even buying any Volt relic from Baro. And I didn't mean I buy it from other players too... I think I got lucky that people in PUG just happen to be in my squad and opening those Volt relics and I got it too... But since the Tenno con is near. I think people will most likely buy the relics from there. However, I would agree that Volf Prime relic should also be drop for a limited time too.
  10. For me, his spawn rate is lower than Stalker... I got 5 Stalker and only 1 Wolf... IDK if the Wolf spawn rate is higher over time or not but it still lower than Stalker for me... Also, I notice that the Wolf will now spawn with 3 invincible Fugitives now... IDK if he has Fugitives with him before or not but when he first spawn for me, he is alone... PS. For the last 3 encountered I don't think he's drop any Weapon parts for me... on the other hand, Stalker already drop his Ephemera for me (lol).
  11. When the PoE just implemented. Tusk Ogma is seriously a pain. Especially when you got Liberate the Camp Bounty. Because the Bounty will not finish unless you shoot the thing down. Also, Liberate the Camp still got the bug where enemies remotely take control from you even they not near the Camp. I thought they'll fixed it after the remastered... Oh, well... atleast they don't really stuck on terrain that often now...
  12. I can confirm this. I think after the profit-taker patch? All rifle ammo I pick up are 60 ammo now.
  13. Things is that... Other towers in this lore didn't say 'Towers of the Unum' but only this particular Tower is called 'Tower of the Unum'... Why? Because Unum isn't the Position of the one controlling the tower but the one controlling 'this' Tower only. So, saying Mitsuki become Unum isn't true at all. Another things is that why other Tower fall but not this one? One can say because Gara protected it but I would say because This particular Tower is difference. Remember that this tower were disable the weapon of the Grineer who come to attack? It's seem like other tower (either void or derelic) cannot do that. Maybe this was make things more difficult for Sentient to attack this tower and needed a special kind of administrator? ... Or I just think too deeply and there are no difference between this tower and Orokin Tower at all (lol)...
  14. "In the dying days of the Orokin, with forums and promenades still blood-wet from Tenno betrayal, a colossal Sentient descended upon ancient Er, falling from distant stars to deliver upon Orokin a terrible and final ruin. Tower upon Tower fell to its weapons, but one withstood. The Tower of the Unum. The Tenno scattered, but one remained. Gara. She and the Unum - inseparable. The Unum: lodestone of our people, and subject of a hundred stories herself. The Sentient was a deformed creature, twisted and massive, sent from some dark fold of distant space, a warped thing wounded by daylight. By night it was a terror, felling Tower after Tower. Citadel after Citadel. By day it hid, blinded and pained. It was during the day that Gara roamed, yearning to strike it from Creation while it cowered, weakened and blind, to safeguard her beloved Unum. But never could Gara find it." I don't think the Lore agree with you... As for other points. The Orokin Tower should be the same but their shape is difference. Meaning it serve difference purpose. Although, I also think the other tower just fall and either administrator all died (if they have physical body) or got 'Corrupted' (like Cephalon Jordas). Also, why most likely administrator of the Tower should be Tenno because... You know... Dream (and Dreamers). Other people most likely cannot do that while as sleep. Also, Unum isn't the only one who use Kuva... Even so, Kuva is the way Unum use to connect wild life with herself. So, if she choose. She may also can connect anyone and use the tower power for them too.
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