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  1. I don't know about Hyperion. But like any other replies, I think you just saw Gauss' Mach Rush. As additional information, Mach Ruch augments the Mach Crash will vacuum enemies together when he crashed into the wall instead of enemies flying away. So you can group enemies together with this ability too.
  2. I normally go into arbitration with infested. Because it has a high spawn rate and can drop very much all the life support I needed for my entire 1-hour run (or more). But recently I have noticed that enemies, in all factions, did not spawn and run into you as they should be. I have to use almost all of the life support stations by Lotus in my last survival alert (which only lasts 10 mins) which is very strange to me. Although, I have noticed from a long time ago that enemies' spawn rate dramatically decrease if you are playing solo and you survive for 1 hour (or more). I mostly have to use life support instead of one dropping from enemies to extended the time into the next round before I have to bail out. This may be a bug in the mission timer which I recently discovered that the mission timer says I played over 10 minutes in extermination, but I only played that mission like 5 minutes in real-time. This may have something to do with enemies' spawn rate in survival missions.
  3. Well, I tested it before making the post and it did show 1.1, it's kinda weird...
  4. Considering Split Chamber start at 15%, I assume that the multishot calculation counts toward the single-digit percentage and not as shown on the status page. Ex. at rank 0 Split Chamber it has 15% multishot, which means you have a whole 15% (or 1.15) to shoot 2 bullets even if the status page show 1.1 multishot.
  5. I may have joined this train rather late but after I watch his 2 (or 3?) videos about Warframe, I absolutely agree with him. As a long-time player who had played this game since it's open beta (and I think someone points out to me that it is still in beta right now...), I don't really encounter most of his problem. Because for me, most of the game systems only introduce to me one at a time and not as a chunk. His video makes me rethink what I already know about Warframe and why new players find it hard to understand the system. Maybe it is was me who unconsciously overlook those problems? Even now I had overlooked a lot of game design by not engaging with it and unconsciously think it never exists. But I think what DE really needs is a player like him that can point out the problem and complain about them, not a player like me who avoids the problem and does not complain about it.
  6. I myself would go for catalyst since I have like 50+ reactors and mostly using them on Prime warframes. So I would go for the catalyst for more guns!!
  7. I think the elite players would find 'Challenge' being a walk in the park (well, it is harder now to walk in the park though...). So I would say Grind. But instead of random drop, it would be great to have random drop + item exchange coming with it. If you are lucky you may get it as a drop. But If it didn't drop for you, you can exchange it after you have collected the item that guarantees drop from the same mission.
  8. You literally can get 1 Forma per day. That is basically 30 Forma per month. I doubt you would use more than 5 Forma on those Tenet/Kuva weapons, so you can fully build 6 of those weapons per month. So, I don't think it is necessary to have that kind of Forma remover... Well, except for Umbral or Stance or Aura Forma which is really limited.
  9. Right now, the only issue with ammo is with low-damage, high fire-rate, high ammo-reserve type gun... Ex. Grakata especially, Twin Grakatas. Let me explain, Twin Grakatas have 120 ammo in magazine and 1200 ammo reserve. From its fire rate, it can empty the entire magazine in 3 seconds (20 ammo per second but it uses 2 ammo per shot). However, secondary ammo pick-up only gives you 20 ammo. Meaning for 1 magazine, you'll have to pick up 6 secondary ammo pack to fill it up. However, Twin Grakatas is low damage type gun. It can only kill a few enemies before empty its magazine. Meaning you get almost no ammo back, even with ammo mutation (remember, it is a secondary, ammo mutation for secondary give out very low ammo count). This is an issue for a long mission or boss fight. Which is the main point of this game. Now, you may say some stupid things like 'Why don't use other guns?'. Well... It is stupid because if you can only use one type of the one for one mission... it is meaning you'll have almost no use for them at all. I enjoy using machine gun/submachine gun-type guns, but I have to use Opticor due to its high ammo efficiency in most of my endless mission. Or else I'll have to get out in no more than 20 mins because I have no ammo to fight and I consider using melee to fight is the very last resort for this game.
  10. Diplos is my new favorite secondary right now due to high damage output and high ammo reserve. But the alternate mode really kills this gun, except you fit a punch-through mod into them. If you are lucky, the bullets will hit the same enemy multiple times, mostly killed them. But 90% of the time, it'll just orbit around the target after the first hit. If DE adjusts its flight path to hit reliably, it will make this gun very good to use with the punch-through mod. Also, 80% of the time you cannot use this gun alternative fire to kill the Corpus drone. It'll just orbit around them...
  11. I just remembered after reading your reply that his original concept is Vlad/Dracula/Vampire... His power also seems to be what Vampire can do. So, I also think he'll get normal Prime and slap some lore bit then call it a day... Seem like I have to re-read the lore as to what is canon and what isn't. I have participated in a lot of story-related topics and realize that my understanding of this game lore is mostly based on gameplay and not actual lore...
  12. Maybe they can all cross-save and cross-play? Basically, it is the stand-alone account all together? Things like you can play all accounts together but you'll never be able to merge them.
  13. Thanks!! That would mean when DE reworks those bosses we can see them escape after being defeated like how Vay Hek did right? Oh.... Tenno the space ninja who failed at assassination (lol)
  14. So, logically speaking... we didn't assassinated them? It's kinda confuse...
  15. Well, it's kinda hard to argue with that logic. But I can only argue with, "If that is the case, then all bosses dying in the mission is also game mechanic?"... If you don't want us to consider Zanuka can revive Alad V as canon... just take out this ability off the game.
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