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  1. This is not the case with the Clem quest. Clem resets either before Nightwave or one week after you do it. Because I'm one of the people that did it before refresh last week and now I'm still waiting for it to pop back up. Hopefully the catch-up option will bring it back up for me if I finish another weekly set, but it's still annoying not being able to complete the weekly the first time around because of screwy timers.
  2. Please reconsider the per-mission limit on the passive. Give it some other limiting factor like the cooldown on other death avoiding abilities or Nidus' stacking requirement.
  3. I'd rather bleedout and no revives, than revives and no bleedout.
  4. Thorns needs a change. As is you don't actually want enemies to be hitting you and actively have two (I believe) stacking accuracy debuffs plus two other abilities which stop enemies from using their weapons.And you have no armor to mitigate the hits you take. Then there's the fact that enemy damage tends to be pretty bad anyway when turned against themselves (you just dealt with this with Nyx). What I would propose is a is a debuff component- when an enemy gets it's damage reflected give them a 50% chance to be knocked down. That way if they do manage to hit you you actually have a reasonable retaliation instead of just a slap on the wrist.
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