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  1. I would really like to be able to tell when a friendly player is on a crewship. I can see when they take control of the ship, but if they just go inside of it you can't tell until either it starts to blow up or they start driving. This causes things like using the forward artillery on a ship immediately after an ally flies into it or running in to take over a ship an ally is blowing up (or vice versa). Similarly being able to mark items and enemies would be very handy from inside the railjack. Frequently my friend will say there's a crew ship over there, but I'm not sure which one he's talking about. Also for gunners to mark resources for the pilot to grab or other priority target.
  2. Except She is literally the only one I want to mute. I don't want to remove a bunch of other dialog to get rid of a minor nuisance. That's like chopping off my foot to deal with an ingrown toenail. This was never actually the case. Turning off hint transmissions only got rid of ~80% of her lines. Which was an improvement even if I did have to get rid of some extra stuff to try to silence her.
  3. WolfgangHype

    Mute Nora

    So, we still don't have a way to fully mute Nora. It's annoying having to toggle to a different window anytime she starts talking. The best we have is a mute that happens to include some of her lines and affects other things as well (that I don't mind).
  4. I've come across several mining nodes that cannot be mined. The points for the drill do not show up at all. Sometimes I'll come across one that doesn't finish when all nodes are done, but if you just mine around the node itself you can usually force it to complete (admittedly with a low efficiency) but if you don't get any points at all then you are out of luck. Both the ones without any mining points were both on rocks on the ground.
  5. The reworked combos for Crushing Ruin feel bad. I was looking forward to being able to more easily spam the Shattered Village combo which was my favorite part of it prior to this update. The new Shattered Village combo just feels worse in comparison. Two comparatively wimpy spins, and then an annoying slam attack that interrupts your momentum. The forward combo also feels like it has less forward momentum than the stationary combo as well, which doesn't exactly make it an appealing alternative. Edit: Shattering storm's forward combo similarly lacks actual forward momentum. At the very least there should be a forward step with every swing for the forward combo.
  6. I have two big problems with Immolation- one it has a drawback. So many other frames get the full benefit of their abilities (and many would argue they are also stronger abilities) without the kind of drawback ember gets. Second there is no "sweet spot." You are either empty, half or full. If you are full you cast Fire Blast and you are now half. Twice and you're at empty. If you cast your 4 you are VERY quickly full. You can sort of maintain the upper half if you want to micromanage the hell out of it, but the more you cast your other abilities the more you have to keep an eye on it. You also only get the full benefit if you are overheated. I would like to have the option to get to full heat and stay around that state, not constantly bouncing up and down. Fires don't do this ebb and flow crap, that's water. Fire burns hot and keeps burning till the fuel is gone. Ember should heat up and stay hot as long as there are enemies to burn.
  7. Will we still have stances that can open enemies for finishers?
  8. Apparently you missed the 'Base 50% damage Reduction' bit they mentioned in the video. So she'll likely end up with closer to 75%+ DR when she's got some heat built up (and assuming it doesn't scale with Power Strength) compared with Saryn who doesn't actually have any DR beyond her armor. Anyway, while I definitely think this kit needs work, Saryn's biggest issue with me is being boring. Honestly the only reason I'll bring Saryn over Ember at the moment is damage type and durability. I'd much rather run around with a short range World on Fire than babysit my spores. Of course, while they're fixing both of my issues they're also removing the play style I like. (yes I can just play Gara, but I find it annoying that I have to play another frame to play the style I fell in love with on Ember.)
  9. On the one hand I'm very happy to be getting some DR back with Ember. On the other hand I'm disappointed to be losing the consistent radial damage. Of course, I basically just miss the time when Ember had Gara's gameplay- run up and burn things that get close to you. I'd love it if one of her abilities included a damage aura of some kind. Thinking about how I would actually play Ember with this kit, I'm not really sure how it would go. The abilities seem like they are likely to rely on a bit of spamming, which will then depend on the energy cost. I can kind of see a synergy between the new 4 and the 3 if you nuke a group then blast them apart to spread it, but I almost think I'd rather do it the other way- hit them with 3 first strip armor then nuke. I think what could be a more interesting way of setting it up might be to have the 3 stagger instead of knockback- it's a little less CC, but also less disruptive if you're lining up for a big hit following the armor stripping. Then move the knockback to the charge on Fireball. This would give you some AoE CC still, easier prep for big hits like your 4, and a more controllable way to knock enemies around to spread your 4. Something that might be doable with the Augment but I think the 4 would benefit from having a lingering ground effect that would spread the fire to anything that passed through to give Ember a bit of area denial. Finally it sounds simply annoying to have the explosion on Immolation be so punishing. I think that needs toned back a bit- like maybe blow up to release all the built up heat and reset it without dumping your energy. You're still losing a good chunk of DR and damage this way without crippling yourself.
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