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  1. The sweet feeling of sleep was something Karl went into easily. Unfortunately, it wouldn't be a good night. He woke up in the panic room he had in his building, dressed in the tattered suit that was clawed in, the corridors were dark and empty with little to go for but eventually, he went into the boardroom. He stared at the men and women in suits, their faces and hands shadowy with glowing hands, they all charged for him, cursing at him in Lasiran. He did his best to run from the shadowy wave of souls cursing his name, their lives ruined and their futures shattered. He witnessed thousands of children swarming for him as well. He turned to a lone corridor and there felt a gunshot rip though his chest... That's when he woke up, screaming and clasping his chest. The gunshot felt so real in his mind and so did the shot that rip into his flesh. He looked around in a state of paranoia, panting hard and clasping his head and rocking back and forth in a fetal position. For a single moment, he started to cry in wailing sadness. What the hell had he done? Eventually, the time for tears passed after a good ten minutes before he got onto his feet and proceeded to the dining room, his eyes still red and his cheeks stained with tears. He still smelt like [Insert word that rhymes with grit] he'll have to ask for clean clothes afterwards.
  2. Oh how he longed for the day when he could sleep and take a shower. Ignoring the strange setup in the men's dormitories, Karl proceeded to the bathrooms, strip off his clothes, grabbing the showerhead and turned on the water. The water no doubt would be cold but at least he could get himself clean. he parked his clothes to the side so they wouldn't get wet and he cleaned himself as best he could with what soap was around, cleaning the crap off his hands and wiping his legs down to try and relax his muscles. Eventually, he dried himself off with a nearby rag, got his clothes back on then wandered over to a nearby bunk where he could collapse on. He curled himself up in a fetal position and held himself pretty tightly whilst he tried to ignore the uncomfortable mattress.
  3. "Please let me tag along. I am desperate for some sleep." Karl stated with pleading eyes to Martijn . He coughed once then started to shift the Doctor he was still holding, wincing as he tried his best not to show his teeth or his fangs. He started to figure out a plan in his head whilst he watched the American head for the armoury. That was expected to see with Americans, always go for the weapons first before getting some rest and freshen up. Karl himself needed a haircut, a shave and a good washm, the sewer stuck to his clothes like a piece of toilet paper on the bottom of someone's shoe. He just hoped Agnes would start walking on her own.
  4. Well that was fortunate. Karl nodded slowly then looked to the others "I don't know about the rest of you but I could use something to eat and maybe a shower." He stated, he hadn't had a shower or eaten anything in quite a while though he didn't know is he was hungry for food or for blood. It was a strange time for him, his infection made it impossible to tell. Either way, it seemed like a good deal. Help the Homefront, get a bed to sleep in.
  5. Following on whilst Karl kept the doctor upright, the rich boy just kept quiet and didn't say a word. He didn't have a lot to say in that time as talking would probably just annoy people, he just worked his arse to keep Agnes up but then, a settlement! And fresh air! He sighed with relief though he had to consider if he wanted to be a coward or face his problems like a man. Learning that Karl Zakharov was alive would mean that there would be a lot of people who may want to kill him but it would just be worse if they found out later. "Karl Zakharov." he introduced himself to the stranger.
  6. "I'll keep her safe then until she's awake" he retrorted to Dino. He didn't feel like arguing nor did he feel like defending himself. He couldn't defend himself anyway when it came to his actions in the past. All the drugs, all the one night stands, all the illicit buisness practices and life ruining sackings. Today was a day of survival, not yelling or shouting about past wrongs. He started to shift Agnes's weight onto him a bit more to get a bit more comfortable.
  7. Karl felt strange. He felt every damaged part of him slowly start to knit and become better, he felt his lungs become better, he felt something below become smoother and he felt...better, healthier and perhaps a bit happier? maybe even younger? He grabs onto the fallen woman, latching onto her arms as she starts to collapse. He looks her over for a bit then helps her up, wrapping one of her arms over his shoulder and grabbing onto her side to hold her up. "Of course." he answered before he looks over to the young girl then to the others "I think I'm better now." he answered, still somewhat horse but his voice seems to have improved, including his breathing. At least he's not coughing anymore.
  8. Oh to hell with this. "Yes yes! You have my consent! just-" There came another coughing fit as Karl grabbed onto Agnes's arm and started to look a little out of it, his hands began to shiver and there came a tremor in his hands, his back started to ache along with his legs and his chest "Just hurry!" he exclaimed whilst he held onto Agnes for stability. He looked VERY tired, extremely tired and seemed to have difficulty concentrating again.
  9. At least someone was kind to him. Karl got onto his feet and noticed the lady who offered them something to the kid amongst their group. He raised a brow then looked to Martijn then back to Gabby. He then turned to the kid then pointed to the items "What are they?" he asked in Lasiran whilst he pushed himself off Martijn for...whatever reason. He let off one final cough before he finally managed to stand up on his own without coughing his lungs out.
  10. [Morgan - Beta] As strong as her sword was, it couldn't hold against the strength of depressurization in a vacuum, The Nikana blade came loose and Morgan flew out with the Human and the Grineer Scorch, unable to reach the console in time Morgan was lucky that Warframes have an inbuilt oxygen system and her prime systems were no different but the Human was going to be tricky, they weren't superhuman, they didn't have the support systems Warframe had and they couldn't access transference like most Zariman Tenno or Orokin. Morgan quickly acted either way. She recalled her Archwing to her as she grabbed Naradin and reluctantly, zoomed for the Scorch who had held onto Rak whilst the Commander to grab the Scorch and push Rak towards the nearest celestial body that would damage and kill that hulking monster once and for all. She zoomed to her Liset, activating the emergency compartment for hostage rescues to place the Naradin in, the Scorch she had to link up with her Archwing's own Life support system to their mask to keep them alive and warm. Whilst she hated the Grineer, she wouldn't be so blind as to let one die after they attacked that freak of a monster. "I hope we don't regret this." she thought internally as she gripped onto her Liset's and got onto the comms "This is Morgan to Alpha! I need assistance ASAP!" she ordered over comms, Gripping onto her Liset and holding onto Ag'ni. She then turned to the Grineer and yelled "Hold on!" in Grintok over the comms.
  11. [MORGAN - BETA] "You'd be better at trying to break his arm!" The prime yelled on the comms as she continued to help Naradin alive whilst she used her Nikana as a method of holding on, her Soma locking onto her via the emergency mag holster. She groaned and kept her grip up whilst she reached for her Pandero and aimed for the bastard's arm joint as best as she could, firing as soon as she could spot something that was able to loosen the arm attached to its body. By the void she hoped this worked.
  12. [MORGAN - DELTA] Unfortunately, Morgan was too busy to notice the fact that the hull had exploded and there was no pressure equalization until she noted it after it got a tad brighter and a bit more...natural in terms of lighting. SHe then noted the Lenz arrow being fired by the Human whom she grabbed to pull down into cover whilst laying down blindfire towards the Tanking Grineer who was starting to grow a tad more annoying than scary "How long Cyrus?!" she yelled over comms whilst sending another Radial blind once more, hoping it would buy them more time. She at least had enough ammo for her Soma. That would run out soon enough if she had to keep up firing at Rak.
  13. In the wake of this clapping woman Karl tried to prepare for another fight but his body gave out. He collapsed to his knees, his lungs burnt as he started to cough and wretch his lungs out, he wheezed and grabbed onto the nearest thing that he would be able to grab onto to try and support himself in an effort to stand up, in this case Martijin's leg. It was almost pathetic in a way. He spent so long on the run with only fumes to carry him, he just felt like dying right then and there. He wasn't sure what was making him survive this long at this point. He just hoped this woman didn't make them face more danger now.
  14. That was close. Morgan had to admit that this bull was faster than they appeared and that gun of his was starting to become pretty worrisome. She looked over to Marie as they gave the plan whilst she joined in with sending incendiary lead towards Rak's direction "I don't know how long we'll be able to hold him so act fast!" she exclaimed. Rak was powerful and the fact they had body parts replaced in different sections made it difficult to determine which part was weakest to their gunfire. This would be a difficult firefight indeed, she then turned to Naradin and called out "I want you to hold onto something! We've got a rather dangerous plan!" she may as well let the human know of the plan on how to rid themselves of Rak.
  15. Ah crap. Karl should've known he wouldn't be able to get away so easily. At least he'd have this argument later and not now. He'd have a lot to explain but he could at least own up that he was a bit of a donkey's backside. At least the kid was putting some heat on Dino, if not for his defence. He chuckled a bit then shook his head, looking over to Cyriann then slowly making his way forward to take a look what was ahead but he stopped halfway to cough his lungs out from the smell and the fact he was still pretty worn out. Where did he find that energy and why did that blood taste so weird? He then checked his chest over as he felt the armoured layer dissipate back into wherever it came from.
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