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  1. same, 1-2s freezes sometimes Ryzen 5 3600 x570 A-Pro RTX 2080 16 GB 2666 MHz Windows + game are on Samsung 970 Evo Plus ssd Edit: just confirmed not a ryzen issue, friend with intel i7 has same problem
  2. WTB Sicarus with [ +CC +MS +CD/Dmg -Neg ] Must be these stats, neg must be Faction Dmg / Recoil / Zoom / Status Chance / Status Duration Pm offers ingame or here.
  3. Thanks for the update, love the new colour ui!
  4. thank u these bugs have been bugging me so MUCH!!!!!11
  5. WTS These rivens: Amprex 7K Catchmoon 9K Artax 17K All prices negotiable
  6. Eidolon hunt disrupted by red text yet again...
  7. Selling +CC +CD +MS -Zoom riven for rubico for 35-40k. Pm me ingame, on the forums or on discord at Lux#9375 if interested.
  8. Thanks for the hotfix. Love the lil duck standing options.
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