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  1. Thanks for hotfix. Can we please get some more mobility options for archwing? Like blink cooldown or more speed.
  2. Archwing controls feel better overall when it's not your intention to go fast. However, when you do want to go fast, the new system is very limiting because of the 2 second archwing blink cooldown and a lack of movement mods for archwing. Previously, the only maximum speed was the speed at which the game took your inputs, now the max speed is 100m/2s for blink and about 100m/s for flight. This is around 150 m/s. Sure that sounds fast, except for when you've got a 1.5km2 map and need to move around quickly, for example eidolon hunts (which many players actually do, believe it or not. we miss our raids and this is our only content related to them.) or speedrunning bounties which makes for a fun challenge. It also hurts regular gameplay because not everyone has hours to fly around on a motorized butterfly. This results in the only viable option being a speed warframe, and if I recall, being forced to use one specific warframe/archwing/weapon is exactly why we no longer have fast blinking or coptering or overpowered warframes like AFK ember and 5 energy cost banshee ult. I realise that reverting a huge change like this isn't DE's style, so I'm suggesting adding more mobility mods for archwing (Warframes have an entire collection of mobility mods while archwing has 1 mod for it), and maybe a mod to reduce the blink cooldown by around 40-50%. This would help players cope with the change and show that you care about archwing, and that it's not a dead gamemode from 2014. TL;DR Archwing is cooler now, but way too slow, and we want our mobility back in the form of the change being reverted OR new mods to help make up for the power gap.
  3. Please add a cooldown reduction mod for archwing's blink. Maybe a 50% reduction at max level. It could even be a rank 10 mod.
  4. WTB [Vengeful Charge] [Vengeful Toxin] Ephemeras, PM offer or place here Toxin ephemera bought
  5. Eidolons can no longer be damaged by projectile weapons You have to stand 20 meters or more away from the eidolon to deal damage Certain amps such as the Raplak Prism can not damage the eidolon shield as the hitbox is just entirely missing You can not spawn unairu wisps reliably anymore because the eidolon hitbox is entirely missing at that range All caused by the latest hotfix. Ty for fixie wixie uwuwuwuw
  6. Thanks for the hotfix! By the way, here's a list of things you broke. Projectile weapons can no longer damage the eidolon on land or in water. You need to be 20 meters away from the eidolon now in order to deal any damage. Unairu wisp doesn't spawn wisps unless you are inside of the eidolon, even with the blast radius waybound. Certain amps such as Raplak Prism do not hit the eidolon at ALL.
  7. WTS Kuva Twin Stubba unrolled 700P
  8. Looking for 3k, negotiable. PM or post offers here
  9. Considering nightwave replaces alerts which only consisted of nitain, credits, helmets and vauban, you're all complaining a lot.. It's free stuff. If you don't want to do 29 ranks, don't, but don't complain about old rewards. We had old rewards for nearly 5 years before nightwave came.
  10. When orb vallis gets double resource drops for the thermia alert, you get 2x stars as well. They can spawn from the containers around spawn, so when the event comes and has double resource drops, you can go around breaking containers, then re enter.
  11. What would you offer for this?
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