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  1. It doesn't show until you're in a mission. This goes for all auras. Relays (inc. fortuna and cetus) and simulacrum count as missions for auras.
  2. These are for 6x3 eidolons but the info is valid for all levels.
  3. Thanks for the hotfix. Love the lil duck standing options.
  4. They're sort of even, though Mesa is easier to destroy with.
  5. You can use a nidus specter. If it links to you, it gives you a multiplicative 28% extra strength. At your current 348%, you'll have 445% which is a 1,223% buff.
  6. Thanks for the hotfix. πŸ™‚
  7. Thanks, but still no fix for vomvalysts in eido hunts rip
  8. IGN: -Hunter-Prime- MR: 23 Playtime: 2.6k hours in-game, 3.2k on Steam. Current Clan: Astral Ethereum Want to join: Quasars (preferably) or Quasars Storm. Been playing since: 2013. F to pay respects for coptering. Discord: Lux#3069 About me: I'm from England and I love warframe. I have a dog and she's very cute. I also love to do eidolon hunts, trading and I'm surprised I'm not on TLC's my strange addiction because of my riven addiction. I like to help other players with things and I've got an extensive collection of kavat DNA stabilisers (5.1k). Oh and I like pot noodles.
  9. Yes. It stacks with the daily first win too.
  10. --Main-- Ingame Name: -Enigma Playtime (as per the ingame counter): 2,396 Mastery Rank: 23 Nodes: 219/227 Discord Tag: Lux#3069 --Extras-- Hydrolyst Captures: 214 I'm a British gamer that has been playing Warframe for over 4 years now. I play it daily and it is, basically, my life. I am a passionate eidolon hunter (well, not passionate toward the eidolons themselves unless they drop arcane energize for me), and am comfortable as chroma, volt and harrow, with a small collection of vectis rivens (still waiting to be put on TLC's my strange addiction for that.) I've been looking for a competitive and active clan for about 2 weeks now and Astral Ethereum seems to be the clan for me.
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