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  1. The 'final' version skin of Nyx's technopsyche looks so bad right now i kind of regretting purchasing the skin. Between DE & MasterNoob; somewhere, somehow, someone thought it's a GREAT idea to degrade the skin(look and compare at the stomach ffs), even though i understood that the render of technopsyche is not based on the actual default nyx model, her helmet is so poorly made right now; her helmet side elements looks so rounded when compared to the render's square-ish image. There's so much in me to rant on this skin right now, her 'bump' mapping details, colours. glowing elements etc. The whole skin feels rushed!!!!!! I'm so pissed. Because, AURES, the other nyx tennogen skin, looks exactly how it looks in her render. Nicely detailed and looks as close to the render as possible. God damn it.
  2. Yes, DE should do the same for those power abusive chat mods. See the circlejerk now? Also, DE need to define "extreme" of the abuse
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