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  1. Profit taker bounties with unvaulted relics are still not dropping as radiant.
  2. Just finished a misson on Jupiter, enemy got to 100% control because a resonator spawned behind one of the code doors and we couldn't get it done in time.
  3. But that doesnt mean they didnt spend railjack resources on it.
  4. It was confirmed back in march that it will be coming to PS5 & whatever the new X-Box is called. Should be backwards compatible.
  5. Feels a bit unfair for those who can play railjack missions as it isn't necessary to own one to amass resources for it. All that is required is the Archwing quest. Someone could have just as many railjack resources as someone who has never built one. If nothing else they should receive 1/2 of what players with one receive.
  6. Sorry just woke up XD Usually I can find at least one if i go through every room and every secret area. So probably
  7. In any given mission, there is a low chance of a single Rare Storage Container and a lower chance of a single Reinforced Storage Container spawning somewhere in the map. If one spawns, it will randomly select a vacant high-value hotspot, similar to that of a Syndicate Medallion, and spawn in it.
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