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  1. It was confirmed back in march that it will be coming to PS5 & whatever the new X-Box is called. Should be backwards compatible.
  2. Feels a bit unfair for those who can play railjack missions as it isn't necessary to own one to amass resources for it. All that is required is the Archwing quest. Someone could have just as many railjack resources as someone who has never built one. If nothing else they should receive 1/2 of what players with one receive.
  3. They said they would in devstream today. They just need to make sure it fits in areas in the maps. We can use it in open worlds only atm because that is easy to implement
  4. One of my friends has had this issue. Is it when you spawn it in or when you get knocked off it and ragdoll?
  5. Is the glitch that locks you in the parazon animation when you try to revive fixed?
  6. It must be since they have the same hotkey they are getting stuck in that animation.
  7. Was the getting stuck and unable to revive bug fixed?
  8. It seems to be a problem with interactions, because in Disruption and Eidelon hunts my friends were getting stuck and unable to force revive themselves. It stops you from being able to move in regular missions but you can get out of it with k-drives in open world, although it seems to block you from being able to revive others after that.
  9. Count me in-I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
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