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  1. 4 minutes ago, Tacritan said:

    I am with you. This game is going downhill for like a year now. DE keeps disappointing vets.

    Hopefully dark sector rework will give you something to do.


    7 minutes ago, -TSA-Andy said:

    Disappointed. With raids gone I have nothing to do. We veterans need a challange. We need something to do in this game. Not all of us like PoE. Hunting Eidolons all day long isnt what we want. We want somethign to speedrun. We want something which need coordination. We want to play as a team.

    The best thing would be to keep the raids. Just say that you stop hotfixing them. Just keep our raids ingame untill you are done. Then you can bring the new ones! 

    Yea but if they do that, combined with the fact that they break almost every patch, they would be unplayable. Also the speedrun thing is supposed to be what Dark Sectors are. Compete for the best score.

    Accessories: Sell all seperatly but  if you buy all 3 its a discount.

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