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  1. Yes, please. 1. That'd be more immersive. 2. Imagine the salt of those crying on the forums lich took their riven or whatever "Dey turk er mods, durkur duur!”
  2. 1. Don't play Limbo* That's it. *or any other loadout that makes 5 defense wave last 13 minutes. I find myself leaving mostly when I encounter other people intentionally playing in a way that makes the mission way longer than expected. Because this kind od douchebaggery is their free choice and also is commonly approved, finishing the 5 and leaving seems like a reasonable compromise.
  3. Kuva Chakkurr - insanely strong Grinlok on sniper steroids Kuva Quartakk - Quartakk but better, versatile rifle, despite being "less accurate" it's still perfectly accutare while aiming Kuva Shildeg - pretty damn great crit hammer, ugly though Kuva Ogris - not the strongest kuva weapon, but I've been having a blast with it Kuva Twin Stubbas - aren't these the best auto pistols right now?
  4. Either Twin Krohkur or Sigma&Octantis. Both look great and after melee changes feel smoother and stronger than before. I was zaw staff/polearm guy before the changes.
  5. Zetki Pulsar feels decent now with 55%+ fire rate, which considering how often it drops is quite easy to get.
  6. WTT Asterite for Titanium, each piece of wreckage eats 15k of it.
  7. Play solo then and stop leeching, last time I've checked WF was a multiplayer game.
  8. This fixed nothing. Give us either a vote kick or ability to disable side turrets completely, because the amount of leechers in railjack missions is infuriating.
  9. Pulsar is decent now, anything else? Apoc got nerfed indirectly with Particle nerf.
  10. Also for people who use regular non-void-hole crew consisting of pilot + engineer/gunner + 2 archwing vanguards/boarders. Minor turret (other than Cryophon) buff doesn't cover the massive nerf of particle status effect. Cyngas is back in the drawer leaving only Imperator Vandal doing the job with crit/status hybrid pulling slightly ahead. To compensate for that loss Cryophon should not be nerfed at all, in fact other turrets should be buffed to the same level as Cryophon. It's not a fall back tactic, until yesterday it was the only time efficient tactic for those who were not lucky/rich enough to spam Void Hole. Quite frankly spending 10-15 min (instead of 6-8 min) in a simple mission shooting peas is enough for me to quit it for now and wait till further changes.
  11. EHP out of context doesn't matter. What matters is time to kill or in more practical terms time to finish a RJ mission, which is in fact significantly longer due to archgun status build nerf.
  12. Thank you. Now RJ is broken more than ever.
  13. Go after Octavia Neuroptics. Loot 5k samples in the process. Grofit!
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