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  1. this is so stupid the reason weapon usage dosnt change alot(like you want it to) is becuase even with super powerfull rivens still cant make weapons that are S#&$ usable. If a weapon has 5% crit and 5% status its never going to be vibale raw dmg is good but good suplimental stats alwasy win out over all look at the soma its base dmg is laghable but its high cc and cd make it a monster to make a riven with secoundary stats the low good youd need a riven with atleast 860%( not this is need to reach a stats chance of 60% with all 4 duel stat mods useing 0 multishot). When you look at weapon usage befor touching riven despo first look at the secoundary stats of the weapon cuase unless you want rivens with 800%+ stats some of them well never be viable. Other issue is givening the wrong stats to the wrong weapon if the weapons dosnt have a fast fire rate status isnt good on it( unless its a shot gun style weapon)
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