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  1. Problems Some time, when I am trying to exit Railjack sideguns, my warframe entering back to the gun place again when exiting animation ends. This occur way to often, so, please, block this action for a couple of seconds. On leaving crewship, few seconds of invulnerability is needed to avoid dying during black screen. Archwink blink charges We have some dot's in UI, which shows us archwing blink charging process. Make each dot acts as a blink "charge", which can be used to blink. One click = one blink. So instead of doing one blink per 3 seconds we can do 5 blinks in a row. Each charge still can be regenerated for 3 seconds. So to have 5 blinks in a row again we have to wait 15 seconds. This will allow us true ninja style movement and overall tactical maneuverability: Z-blinks, blink charge management, greater distance per blink burst and all of this with absolutely the same drawback as we have now. So balance persist.
  2. Yes, this make no sense because you can combine those mods. So stop posting this nonsense. Slide CC is not a replacement it is just a bonus to your main CC build and mods in it.
  3. Dear DE, FIX INCOMING DAMAGE TO ARCHWING DAMN!!! Enter crewship = Ok. Catapult invulneravility works. Exit dying crewship = instadead during black screen. No matter what; OMFG WTF, Archwing with all survivability mods installed, life, armor, shield, shield regen. What else I can do? Also just one projectile from any random fighter and burnbuttscreamsalloverthespace. Balance!
  4. Doesn't matter how to name it. We need navigation grid.
  5. Not anymore. They changed it. It is now works the same like other crit chance mods. Read last melee phase patch notes.
  6. Why? You can combine them all. Install Sacrificial Steel + Maiming Strike + Whatever you have on your riven and slide everything if you want to. Also roll both CC and Slide CC on your riven and be happy. It is not about switching between them. Slide CC is an ADDITIONAL CC. Same with other mods which gives CC. No one complains about Critical Delay for example. Maiming Strike now enters same category. It gives you an additional bonus on top of your Sacrificial Steel. It is not designed to be a replacement for your main crit chance mod.
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