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  1. Hey all, I'm really sorry to hear about all these controller issues 😞 I've been investigating and noticed that two actions ("Melee Attack" and "Melee Block") were still bind-able through the Steam overlay, even though we were meant to drop support for them last week! Because of this, I think many players probably still had those actions bound ("Melee Attack" was bound to B/Circle by default, and "Melee Block" was bound to the Right Trigger by default), and this would have meant that pressing B/Circle once would take you into melee mode, but then pressing B/Circle again would do nothing! I also suspect that the Right Trigger would no longer work. There was an additional issue where "Melee Channel" was previously default bound to Left Trigger, but got moved to the Right Thumbstick. However, unless you updated your controller layout to the newest default, you wouldn't have gotten that change, and so after using melee you would be unable to Aim (because it's also on the Left Trigger). I'm still investigating what might have caused the other issues (where all of the buttons stopped working!), but for now I have re-published an updated "official" controller layout which removes those two old-style melee actions. I'm hoping this should at least help some of you. Please bear with us while we continue trying to fix the remaining issues! Thank you!
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