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  1. (XB1)bioblaze10656

    Excalibur 3rd ability changes.

    His 3 should be some kind of self buff
  2. (XB1)bioblaze10656

    Garuda Feedback and Discussion

    Why does DE always make the same mistakes
  3. (XB1)bioblaze10656

    Nidus zombie augment

    That's like saying why have augments its because it changes a frames gameplay is why
  4. (XB1)bioblaze10656

    Nidus zombie augment

    But nemesis inaros nekros and revanent all have useless ai. Infested are the most reliable in this department
  5. (XB1)bioblaze10656

    Nidus zombie augment

    Nidus should really have a augment in which some of the larva that explode and kill would bring the corpse back to life for a time
  6. (XB1)bioblaze10656

    DId they nerf Gara?

    something is buggy i shatter her glass now im on (xbox btw) and it doesnt do half even close to a fraction of dmg she did originally her one also does nothing no scaling dmg either
  7. (XB1)bioblaze10656

    How can I protect myself from fake plat?

    What is fake plat when did this start and can this happen on Xbox?
  8. (XB1)bioblaze10656

    New GPU Particles and goodbye to PhysX FX!

    on xbox ive never really noticed the new particles even on high
  9. (XB1)bioblaze10656

    Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation][*spoilers*]

    Search up excalibur umbra that's what we are getting
  10. (XB1)bioblaze10656

    XB1: The Glast Gambit 19.8.0 (+Hotfixes)

    Are we gonna get any older stuff?
  11. (XB1)bioblaze10656

    Coming Soon: Devstream #82!

    can we get a discussion about how buggy and terrible the custom holsters are. also tell geoff his muscle workout is looking great!
  12. (XB1)bioblaze10656

    Coming Soon: Devstream #79!

    Rebecca you said Xbox one would get their first batch of tennogen items but we didn't get them whats the deal? Also how come we console users still don't have effects like pc with the sparks from powers that fly everywhere and bounce along the floor
  13. (XB1)bioblaze10656

    Xb1 Psa: Stability Build [Live]

    did she check her mail?
  14. (XB1)bioblaze10656

    Xb1 Psa: Stability Build [Live]

    Is this gonna be just a fix and not a update to 16.11 or are you holding of until update 17 to release on console.