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  1. Since baruuk is clearly designed after John wick can we add to his passive that when you're companion gets shot he loses even more restraint.
  2. Has anybody noticed the armor has stopped fitting to the bigger sized kubrows? or is it just me on top of that alot of the kubrow cosmetics have been lacking lately. the new armors only fit normal sized kubrows and the underbrush kubrow pattern looks nothing close to its wildlife counterpart.
  3. on xbox ive never really noticed the new particles even on high
  4. can we get a discussion about how buggy and terrible the custom holsters are. also tell geoff his muscle workout is looking great!
  5. Rebecca you said Xbox one would get their first batch of tennogen items but we didn't get them whats the deal? Also how come we console users still don't have effects like pc with the sparks from powers that fly everywhere and bounce along the floor
  6. Is this gonna be just a fix and not a update to 16.11 or are you holding of until update 17 to release on console.
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