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  1. What would be a great game that Warframe could crossover into. spacelords it's a futureistic third person shooter mission kinda game. Killer instinct if they ever make a second one all Warframe can fight and they had a lot of cross over characters in that game from gears of ear raam to arbiter from Halo.
  2. when using the fulmin in its alt fire mode and switching weapons the suppressor stays in ur hand. Edit: also any magazine of ur secondary gets stuck in youre hand
  3. I've always said this I'm all for it
  4. We got rocket league and the got a few Warframe icons in there that could help
  5. still waiting for like half of his items to get in that should of already been accepted
  6. My phantasma cause I can't channel without blowing myself up cause the weapon always pulls itself back out for some reason
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