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  1. Maybe back then but r0 frames with high mastery rank you could be fully modded off the jump altho lacking abilities
  2. Does anybody ever wana go back and play the old version of warframe for that nostalgia and wow things really used to be this way. Kind of like how runescape 3 has their classic and newer version.i know im not the only one whod play it for a few hours
  3. The spirtual succesor to dark sector is what got me into this game initially
  4. Atleast ur not on console where if u get grabbed ur basically dead
  5. This be the case with mags bullet attraction ability the orb one ya can stand inside it and still be shot from outside even tho bullets are supposed to get sucked in and become harmlesss to you
  6. Thats what i thought idk what this guy means that daggers with a strength build is better then sleeping a group of enemeis
  7. I have actually i have 25 daggers on cast still small to the fact that sleep on a group of enemeis is much faster does power strength multiple his restraint loss that im missing?
  8. Ignore his 2 how u gonna build massuce amounts of restraint on just daggwra takes alot
  9. i got a few bugs id like to mention that need fixing 1. missions that have no players readily available so it makes you wait for nobody and then you would press x to stat the mission instead it just throws u out and you have to select the mission all over again. 2. since we got second colors for our warframes and item we are still unable with the d pad to select it. instead it glosses over the first color square that it should go to but instead it just goes to the second one. 3. pets disappear on log in or once u come back froom a mission and cannot be modded or changed until they load in which they never do/ 4. pets not teleporting with you when you use the omni tool in railjack 5. melee weapons getting stuck on character after boarding any ship will keep updating this as i go along 6.kuva liches that grab you will always take youre health down to one and then when thrown youll be instantly downed or dead.
  10. Goes both ways im sure if you made ur own squad and some nugget was messing up everything ud kick em snd be grateful their gone. Altho some people just deal with it and push through
  11. I guess you could consider it a loot box sure but you don't have to pay for it. If ur on ps4 then us consoles haven't gotten the hotfix yet for the loot increases
  12. It honestly doesnt need it i body my lvl 5 liches with the kick combo at point blank range no matter what their immune to heavy atks just chunk em even faster
  13. It competes fairly well viral builds are killing it like lession im sure uve seen em
  14. Condition overload what status melee builds are crazy
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