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  1. Any word on the mirage delux skin being fixed when she uses eclipses ruins the whole skin she gets all buggy textured
  2. how did the mirage skin not make it to xbox we got the same updates my sadness is immeasurable
  3. Sometimes the necramech xp you obtain during a mission still doesnt apply itll just act like you didnt get any if u maxed our ur mech during the mission.
  4. Ever since necramechs came in idk if anybody has noticed but once you equip a gun onto a mech that's not its base gun you can no longer customize that gun by any means example 1 example 2 Ive pressed X on it to open the apperance menu to see if its a UI bug but no i cannot access it by any means not sure how this hasnt been noticed we even got skins for arch guns!
  5. i been getting this for the past couple of days now and i thought it was just me and no answers anywhere good to know its not just me
  6. Can his custom attachment/syndana be used with his regular hydroid skin or just his delux cant seem to find this answer anywhere before i buy it.
  7. does it work for normal hydroid as well without the delux
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