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  1. Hotfix 15.1.3

    It doesn't seem to be the presence of the drops themselves causing the loss, but the act of a new drop being created (I'm leaning towards the particles being to blame in conjunction with a leak or logic loop somewhere; the stupid things accumulate and eat frames until you get LoS with them, regardless of where they are on the map or how long ago they were created). All the guys I've run viver with today are seeing the same slow fps drop over time (some actually are seeing worse droppage) now with 50 mods tops as they were before when we could see 150, 200, 300 mods on the ground all at once.
  2. Hotfix 15.1.3

    I'm seeing the same fps drop overtime with the mod cap as new mods spawn for some reason, yet my CPU, GPU, and ram usage isn't going up.
  3. Hotfix 15.1.3

    He's rebinding stuff using the hardware's capabilities. As far as the game is concerned, they are the same thing.
  4. Hotfix 15.1.3

    After running a few missions, we're not seeing a fps improvement from the mod cap. The fps is still going down at the same rate, and we're still permanently losing fps even after picking up all the drops each wave/round. Additionally, the mod desyncing issue is still there. This sounds like a cap implemented because of Viver, as there isn't mention of any changes to the underlying cause of instability/performance loss. Why not do what minecraft modders did for excessive drops? Combine nearby drops into one object, and then when the drops still hit that cap (because if a Nekros is doing his job, you're going to be constantly hitting it), then you queue the drops. Simply stop all rendering/logic processing on the excess drops, re-enabling them as you drop back below the cap. No mods or resources lost for our effort. Nothing worse than watching a nearby resource drop or seeing a mod off in the distance with that distinct yellow glow disappear as you hop to it, casting desecrate. EDIT: Except in the past DE when asked about Macros, said they are acceptable (both in forums, support tickets, and in council chat). They didn't want to limit players who had purchased hardware capable of macros, such as logitech's items. Kickbot even said it's unlikely they could even detect the hardware based macros to begin with even if they wanted to.
  5. Hotfix 15.1.3

    Does this also fix the issue of some players being unable to see some mod drops in a mission? Usually one player will end up with less mods than everyone else (more noticeable in longer missions, especially if there is 100+ mod drops over the course of the run), see no more mods on the ground, yet other players can see the pile of mods and even waypoint them. The waypoint appears outside the map to the unlucky guy. EDIT: Nope, even with the 50 cap some mods are still 'desyncing'.
  6. Dojo Decorations: Poll!

    I second the request for more capacity. Some amazing stuff can be done with the existing decorations.
  7. Warframe Builder

    The initial damage is 500 with a 15%/2x crit chance. The resulting area DoT is a separate 40/s with 10%/2x crit. None of the weapons that have guaranteed DoTs factor in the resulting additional damage in their displayed damage. Not Stug, not even Acrid. It only lists the damage that is guaranteed to affect the unit on a hit.
  8. List Of Codex Bugs

    All kubrow class specific mods are missing from the codex, and hovering over any kubrow mod does not show that it drops from Feral Kubrow even when they are fully scanned.
  9. Warframe Builder

    The first two are already available, pretty much. Use the forma option and the Report option. He has already responded to the sentinel idea:
  10. Warframe Builder

    The Tesla charge count appears to be off. With my current build, it claims I should only be getting 3 charges per tesla, when I get a few more than that. Unmodded, a max rank tesla has 10 charges according to the wiki, while builder lists 8.
  11. Warframe Builder

    I noticed that dpsframe and builder list similar, but slightly different damage stats for the same build, even when using the relevant options in builder to mimic dpsframe (multishot, crit, etc). Whats the difference? I noticed it on flux, if the weapon matters.
  12. Warframe Builder

    From what I understand and chat answers with, the individual IPS mods and Pressure Point do not add to charge damage. Only elemental mods and +charge damage mods affect the charge damage, with the elemental damage being calculated off the charge base damage rather than regular base damage. Rending Strike does not appear to function similarly to Accelerated blast, where the additional IPS damage is treated like an element.
  13. Warframe Builder

    Something that might be useful for people, the ability to view (don't need to edit, really), a complete loadout/stats report for combined warframe/primary/secondary/melee for quickly sharing your setup with a squad. Just a quick glance to see what mods someone is using, sort of thing.
  14. Warframe Builder

    Arsenal shows the probability of a single firing causing a status proc, assuming all bullets/pellets hit the target. If you're going to show that, I'd prefer it done the way dpsframe does it, show the status chance that is for a single bullet/pellet, then the probability of a status proc if all bullets/pellets hit the target.
  15. Warframe Builder

    Fixed now.