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  1. Omni

    New Prime Sigil texture is awful

    Hahaha so we have the same thought 😁 Now gimme the screenshot! 😎
  2. Omni

    New Prime Sigil texture is awful

    It's only me or the Sigil really looks like the Excalibur Prime helmet
  3. Omni

    Azzu-nyan's gallery! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Nice looking art !
  4. Omni

    So apparently Umbra isn't a prime anymore.

    Yeah man, even me already answered the question earlier but i have no idea why the complaint still continue
  5. Omni

    So apparently Umbra isn't a prime anymore.

    It is not a Prime
  6. This is so great. Very great. So hard to believe that a Free to Play game could make such incredible content. The Lore, The Story, The Music ..... & more
  7. Even tho if you cannot see it in game, you will find some people post the screenshot right here in the forums when the update is live
  8. Semuanya sudah di invite ya 😁 Selamat bergabung
  9. Put your helmet on to prevent acne
  10. Omni

    I love this pub

    By the way, nice name u have there... @Toppest_Kek
  11. Halo kawan2 Tenno seperjuangan, maaf banget nih karena gwnya sekarang jarang buka forum ... jadinya request join yg lewat forum kena delay mulu. Untuk clannya sendiri masih sangat-sangat aktif kok (clannya jalan terus sejak 2014), cuma gwnya aja yang kurang aktif wkwkkw Semuanya udah gw masukin ke daftar invite list ya, kalau ada yang ga dapet notif invitation clannya, langsung request lewat discord aja bro (pengurus clan pada aktif di discord semua) ->
  12. Build for corrosive damage, the effect is permanent so the status duration will not have any impact, CMIIW
  13. I doubt that will happen. The only way to deactivate the account is by request from the owner.