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  1. Build for corrosive damage, the effect is permanent so the status duration will not have any impact, CMIIW
  2. I doubt that will happen. The only way to deactivate the account is by request from the owner.
  3. Forum Clans now Available!

    Thank you very much for this effort ! I'm glad that clan & alliance features finally get more attention & improvement
  4. Since the mod said "Lethal Damage", i assume it will be insta kill on finisher no matter how small the dagger damage output
  5. valentine color palette bug?

    Turn off the "Legacy Color Palette" in the options menu
  6. Rivens

  7. The Eros Insult

  8. Hema Bug

    That was ridiculous lmao
  9. why not release primes in packs of two

    Subscription thing is indeed a good way to keep the game monetized. But the state of Warframe today on how they do to monetize the game is already good, so no worries
  10. How to make Warframe not fun.

    Then do the things that you enjoy, leave the things that you don't like
  11. Prime Accessories Unvault

    Perhaps on the next wave of Prime Unvault
  12. You can get Mastery Points from it which skin cannot give you
  13. Well, generally speaking ... the prime variant also a re-skin of the standard equipment. It will be the same for umbra. If you want Excalibur Umbra having a totally different abilities than the other 2 (both standard & prime), then it turns out to be an another different frame, not the Excalibur anymore