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  1. Omni

    Negative Impact/Puncture Rivens

    As far as i know the negative IPS could be some worth on some weapon if it affects the main IPS of it. For example a negative impact on Sobek, would have its own benefit if you build for a 100% status Corrosive build because it will proc more corrosive and less impact procs (because of the negative impact). I'm not sure about the Sniper though 🤔
  2. Omni

    Ludoplex in the dojo

    You can purchase it multiple times
  3. Sorry for late notice, ini semuanya udah gw cek ternyata sudah masuk ke dalme clan ya, welcome 😄 Masih terdaftar di clan lain, jadinya blm bisa di invite 🙂 Amin, terimakasih banyak 👏 Sudah di invite ya, selamat datang di Indonesia Warframe 😎
  4. RMT is Real Money Trade, which is something that you do to earn some real money cash flow from in-game items
  5. Omni

    Riven's Plat Price...let's Talk about that DE.

    It's their plats so i think it's up to them on how they spend it?
  6. Omni

    need help with twitch prime

    Probably yes, but i'm not really sure.
  7. Thank you for this little change, this is awesome
  8. Yes you can, i think that will not be a problem at all
  9. Omni

    Stream Date: Devstream #116 Sept 14!

    I hope you guys will showing off more about melee 3.0 Show me how the sword perform ⚔️
  10. Omni

    Get this topic hot!!!

    I think the Megathread tag is for Dev's post only ?
  11. Omni

    How about Color pallets that also apply textures.

    texture palettes? oh no
  12. Omni

    Removing Excal Prime Pack Mastery Points

    I think that's good for non founders?
  13. Semuanya sudah di invite ya Selamat datang di Indonesia Warframe 😎