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  1. Hoping to get more tiles first - too many planets lack any unique "character" and for that matter boss fights. I'd rather have an overhaul of Phobos and Neptune before another free roam tile and it's dozens of new resources/grind for syndicates. Those 2 planets also need completely new bosses as one is a joke (the Sarg) and the other in Hyena Pack is dated given today's WF standards (regular seen units with elements is all they are). I miss the WoW factor new tiles brought the likes of Uranus (along with great Tyl rework). Personally most hyped for Gas City rework, like really hyped but we need this across all planets yet everyone is clamouring for another free roam map (An infested one, thus Eris) but I'd rather wait for that personally.
  2. You normally get a heads up about older primes getting vaulted too, that's always the bigger hint as the old goes out to make space for the new.
  3. The traditional "imma tell u how 2 play ya game" messages. It's a snobbish attitude I never liked as whilst I'm no limbo fan either I'm a fan of lesser loved frames and boy do people moan when you don't go meta... It's always been like that, i remember getting abuse for refusing to use a Boltor Prime back in its hey day.
  4. Quest aside I'd be interested in seeing the likes of Scott or Pablo crafting a gas themed frame kit. When you think of gas you think of poison and flamability - the potential is there. Gas mask themed helmet for double kudos points lol
  5. When was the last time we had a simple warframe aquisition? Equinox, i miss those days - didn't even mind grinding away for the likes of Nidus and Ivara... This stuff with standing farming and a bazillion new resources to build every new frame is getting tedious. Hoping she is an easy build.
  6. All season's permanent? How would that work? New player logs into hundreds of quests for multiple season's clogging up their screen as the process though them all passively just trying to learn the game confused at what the hell is going on... Because current players can't be bothered to play. It's this way to keep player retention, something alerts didn't. I've been a Xbox player since launch so by all means and purposes a veteran tenno these days but I'm still getting likely every reward despite playing only sparsely these days as family and work commitments take priority. It's just a case of looking and seeing it you can do multiple at once to minimise the effort but even then youve got a week and even in the case of "daily" quests a few days.
  7. It's the open world bit that's the grind, since plaIns of eidolon they've added what feels like 30 new resources, prob way more. These are fine.
  8. The appearance rates of the wolf trio boosts the grind a bit too - they're everywhere so its an easy 150 top up as you play
  9. It's something so few care about that you are free to get off your high horse in your own time. Meanwhile name these artists.
  10. Easy money it's not the system being are being huffy about but how you acquire points, they can't be arsed doing the quests lol
  11. You don't take away the unique elements of the umbra frame(s) and just let any old one use it. I've never been on board with the mods being accessible in the first but at least the bloat was part negated umbra a polarity blocking... Till now.
  12. Not a bad idea, no God mode without grind. Still half the balance (if there is indeed any with them) is in the negative traits. Just grinding them away is too easy a way to make a very unbalanced system even more so.
  13. That's cheating. Ignis and Heat Sword only!
  14. Prob nearer 75% in all fairness (as just doing 1k and the odd 3k quests likely wont cut it). We will see how it fairs as whilst I don't think it's thats bad a demand (it's not really) the bigger rewarding quests are definite nightmares for newer players to complete and they're the ones who would most benefit from the rewards from the system in all honesty.
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