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  1. Are gift of the lotus alerts still gonna be a thing?
  2. You need to do roughly 65% of the quests I believe Steve was quoted as saying and most of these quests are quick n easy (sometimes your actually doing several at once). It's not that bad now is it? If your grind your butt off its fair to say you'll get everything and long before the deadline, the more casual players who only play every other day or so might be hard done though. Let's see how this first "season" goes shall we?
  3. How long does this go on for before next set of awards? Dont see a date anywhere.
  4. Next patch will be hype with Nezha rework and relay rebuild to look forward to. This patch is more about Revenant but I guess I'll start farming Simaris status for the mini games as I'm kinda into arcade cabinets in general lol
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