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  1. I like electric procs. Sometimes I wish they would balance the elements more so that it's sort of a cosmetic and QoL choice instead of matter of just choosing which one deals the most damage to enemies.
  2. because the farm would become unbalanced. While i get your point about Endo, i still have tons of endo anyway. If SP became too generous with endo, then it has the reverse effect of making endo even more meaningless. Any reward that becomes common loses its value. So yeah, while the huge increase in Endo might seem great at first, it will quickly make any other Endo reward superfluous.
  3. They can definitely be buffed- but shouldnt be the overwhelming choice to farm.
  4. what rewards do you expect in Steel Path? They casnt just double common rewards because that will unbalance things for newer players, while also giving vets 10x more of resources they already have tons of. SP is for farming steel essence. The common rewards are what builds up passively. As it is, i still have more resources than i know what to do with. Tripling that doesnt make sense and will just encourage newer players to rush to SP to farm.
  5. Don't fight RNG. You could've gotten it on your second try at night no matter how many times you ran it earlier.
  6. True- but how fast do people really need to use forma? I've been doing fine crafting 1 a day. I still have a few nemesis weapons waiting for an extra few forma for mastery. That mastery isn't going anywhere, so I don't see the need to pump 5 forma into them right away. But-there's no right way to play. Some may find joy in having 100 forma saved up. Just don't complain about grind if it's self imposed.
  7. I remember when Saryn would pop a room full of enemies, and Ash could delete them with the press of a button.
  8. This is how you're supposed to approach the game. I try to make weapons as good as it can be. Just because a weapon isn't the best in class, doesn't mean I wont have fun maximizing it's potential if it's fun to use. I get bored of meta weapons anyway.
  9. i really dont get how people grind this event for "tons" of forma. I'll do a run here and there for a forma, but crafting the, from BPs seem so much more efficient. but, if theyre enjoying it
  10. Saryn in ESO. Only because it means i can level anything in 2 zones. Wisp. I like her motes. I also have a ton of Wisp Specters, so if no Wisp shows up, i summon one.
  11. I could see myself using mobile to do some trades while I'm away from home. Good idea.
  12. Obviously it's worthy to some people. If anything, it's perfectly balanced. Rewards are good enough for those that like the event, but not important enough that you'll miss out by skipping it
  13. People don't give enough credit to the genius of forma. It's a common reward, cheap to buy with plat, yet people STILL farming like mad for it.
  14. If it plays decent, I'll probably use a controller to play it to do some simple missions.
  15. i feel like complaining about drops has the opposite effect on DE giving us great drops every once in a while. Because what happens is that vocal players become entitled and think that every week should have awesome drops- when it just doesnt work like that.
  16. Limbo is a magician with a top hat. Warframe has flirted with cheesiness for a while
  17. 've always wondered who has the most complete Warframe account. Including all possible exclusives
  18. The bug fix section of an update is my least cared about section. I don't even read it. Thank you DE for prioritizing the way you do.
  19. rants like this only prove that you probably CANT handle mature responses from devs. Your post is counterproductive to what you actually want. I find it amazing how some players just happen to hit every game breaking bug in Warframe. Truth is- the game works for most of us.
  20. It made sense a while ago when a dedicated melee mode allowed use of a stance, but currently I dont notice the difference much. It would've been cool if there were special dual wield "devil may cry" style combos though. As it stands now, it feels more like a cosmetic thing to me.
  21. Last Tennocon was the least informative showcase they've ever had. I STILL don't know what they were showing us. Apparently it's so game changing, that they can't even hint at what it means for Warframe or it will spoil it. I don't care about emotions, I just want it to be worth the wait. And the secrecy.
  22. It's a sandbox. You decide what area of the game you want to explore. From getting every weapon, to getting every mod, to completing arcanes, to getting every companion, etc. There's tons of busy work in Warframe. Currently, I'm just trying to complete my helminth and I still have some adversary weapons to collect and max stats for. While doing that, I go after arcanes to max.
  23. I don't think the devs want players to bypass drone escort- so it would be considered an exploit.
  24. I was with you until this... Really? "False advertising"? Based on artwork? As if someone would download and play the game based on that alone.
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