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  1. I don't want to take too long to go over everything everyone else has already said, so here is my suggestion for some minor tweeks to her 4th ability. So regarding Sol Gate, corrosive procs are fun and all, but the overall lack of fire rate to her death beam compared to energy drain leaves much to be desired. Either increase the amount of tics that allow for status procs by buffing the 4th's rate of fire or slightly lower the base energy cost to better match what's actually happening on screen. An alternate suggestion would be removing the corrosive procs entirely and instead replacing it with something like Hyldren's Shield Pillage. Have it so every second that the beam is on an enemy their defences are stripped down by a % scaling with power strength. It would tematically make more sence than corrosive. Using the sun's solar flares to gradually take out enemy shields and its intense heat melt away enemy armor would be more power efficient and give the ult some actual usability in higher level circumstances. I would honestly prefer this option but hey, anything would be better than a glorified blowtorch. Then again, those are just my 2 cents... so yeah, thanks for reading!
  2. Just happened the second time in a row. This's becoming frustrating.
  3. Hello! So I just finished the endurance part of the operation for the vandal weapons. I was in a squad and my own points counter bugged, displaying I had 0 points and was still at round 1. My team was fine so I figured it was a UI issue. Guess it wasn't since I just wasted quite a bit of time doing nothing apparently. Please fix this!
  4. So I finished my Jovian Concord update trhough steam. I launch the game as normal and, all of a sudden, the resolution seems off. So off in fact my chosen resolution now doen't fit in my screen. Now this never happened before. I've tried messing around with aspect ratios since a friend told me it might be that, but nope, nothing changed all that much, a majority of the game still doesn't fit in my screen. I went back to the launcher and verified the cache, lauched the game and everything stayed the same. So TL;DR I'm not sure why, but all of a sudden I can't play the game fullscreen at anything over 1680x1050, tried a bunch of stuff but nothing seems to fix it. Can someone help? Or am I just stuck with a crappy unplayable update? 🙂
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