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  1. We're not receiving kill codes. Restarted several times, joined different flotillas - nothing helps.
  2. I am not receiving any scarlet credits for ground mission. Not a single one today.
  3. I keep connecting to random relays instead of one I choose. And so far, all of them were already 100/100. So I can't even play 😥
  4. Some more info. I've noticed that no matter winch instance I choose I'm ending up in "Concourse 1". It's completely empty every time.
  5. I'm getting "No Murax Wave Detected" message in every flotilla.
  6. I have an issue with progression being tied to one of the instances (flotillas). If I leave to my orbiter or restart a game, how do I get back? Sould I write down the number of that instance? Maybe we need a marker, which one is yours.
  7. TYPE: In game UI fail and no credits DESCRIPTION: During Murax raid mission objective dissapeared for me, but we were able to continue mission as normal. After extraction I did not received any credits (not sure if it's related or not) VISUAL No objective, but business as normal REPRODUCTION: No idea, it just glitched mid session
  8. Yes, side weapons also got inactive. Just crashed in ground mission too.
  9. Crashed 1 minute in space mission My pilot can't pilot, all his controls froze And none of us can shoot Railjack weapons.
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