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  1. Like the title says, my goal is to start a meaningful discussion in an effort to get the attention of Digital Extremes to show our want or lack of want on the idea of cross saves. 

    Essentially having one account that you can play on any platform that you so choose. I bring this up on the heels of Destiny 2 doing this and being some what of a water down type of Warframe.


    I am well aware of how updates work, on Xbox at least and how DE needs to have updates approved and go through the certification process. I am aware that PC is one update ahead of consoles all the time, but I don’t know how difficult it would be to do something like hold back an update in PC to bring consoles up to speed. Nor do I know how the PC community would take that (I play on PC and Xbox, personally I wouldn’t mind but that’s one person) I do admit that it would at a lot more fun to be able to just swap platforms when I feel like.


    I know that some items on PC aren’t on Xbox. Destiny 2 as well has a weapon like this and when you try to use that PS4 exclusive weapon on other platforms a tag line in the weapon description says something along the lines of needing a different platform. Something I think can be used in Warframe as well. 


    These are just one players opinions and ideas. What does the community think/want/wonder?  

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