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  1. My Submission https://imgur.com/gallery/GZSZOK9
  2. (PS4)manny35

    Dojo Remaster Contest [Winners Announced!]

    Clan Name: Alien Assassins Clan Tier: Shadow Rank 10 Clan Platform: PS4 Clan Role: Founding Warlord Main Architect's: manny35 , TWISTEDEAGLE Obstacle Course Architect: Drew_BloodFury Themes: Corpus , Grineer , Infested , Orokin , Unaffiliated , Wildlife , Gardens and of course Tenno. Main Resources Donations: manny35 , TWISTEDEAGLE , Drew_BloodFury , Ninnamon , GlaDOS1230 , Genesis732 , CPB314 , Marc_Act. Other Donations Made by: Azen_Crime , Azn_Fate , TheHyperHope , WrongGamertag , Roadhawk , Papoose_13 , SirWillVoidwalker. https://imgur.com/gallery/Bfa0eLD https://imgur.com/gallery/hOalQb6 https://imgur.com/gallery/IrVrW5P Hope it worked. Haven't done a hyperlink before. Best of luck to all clans across all platforms. Your welcome to use any decoration idea in your dojo. After all warframe has the best community. Thanks for your time everyone.
  3. (PS4)manny35

    PS4/XB1 Operation Shadow Debt Trophies!

    This event was a joke. I watched my clan score go down. We had a trophy according to the leaderboards and then we watch our score slowly go down. Took screen shots for proof. Still no trophy or reply from anyone. I seen this happen to a few clans with this event. Maybe DE will fix it or maybe they just don't care.