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  1. They did it. They took away my warframe. Time to change the game, to one that maybe last a few more time or few more or even infinite to do not change specs... but the community, wonder if do. :cry: This is it, bye warframe, maybe forever and anyway for a long long time till i be able to update my hardware... :cry:
  2. So cruel and doesn't right to took away the game from me and other users, who can't upgrade their hardware for now and not soon, maybe do that. Whyyyy whyy should i lost this game... yes it is pissing off sometime, but i spended a lot of my time and soul on it and even some money and now just losing this part of my life... You taking away entire part of my life DE!!!! with your Increasing system requirements... you betraying and abandon me... you put knife in my heart and my back You evil!!!! If i do suicide, that'll be your fault! Ok, maybe that going too far, but everything above is sereosly true, you've turned away frome me...
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