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  1. Twitch: GoldDeoxys Wartframe PC ign: GoldDeoxys See you there Rebecca, Megan, and Mogamu :)
  2. GoldDeoxys

    Coming Soon: Devstream #53

    Can we expect the next set of additions to the relays with U17 or will it be later like some of the boss reworks?
  3. GoldDeoxys

    Coming Soon: Devstream #52

    Over the past couple weeks I have noticed very few people in the relays, so how soon can we expect the relay changes you have been talking about to make the relays more relevant to the player, besides when the void trader stops by to sell his stuff that people are almost always dissappointed by?
  4. GoldDeoxys

    Warframe Prime Time #54: Tonight At 7Pm Est!

    PC Username: GoldDeoxys Twitch Username: GoldDeoxys Wanna watch the whole thing, but have to leave about half way for a final exam, so hope I can be there for the secret santa and gameplay.
  5. Let the record breaking continue!
  6. GoldDeoxys

    Hotfix 14.7.2

    I still crash before the mini boss fight, so this patch did nothing for me. I forgot to mention it crashes on the Ceres event node but it tends to crash on all the event nodes just not as much.