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  1. I have HUGE performance problems at the mod console since the update. I'm in Orbiter with capped 60FPS, CPU and GPU at about 50%. Opening the mods brings GPU up at 70-80% Now is the part where it becomes weird. I start scrolling and as soon as I hit Riven mods, my FPS drop to 10-20, GPU drops to 20-30% usage. Scrolling back to the start of the list brings back my 60FPS with 70% GPU, closing mods reduces GPU back to 50% If I skip Rivens by changing category ie to Warframe, no FPS drops occur Looking at Rivens in the Primary Tab doesn't drop frames aswell, this only happens looking at the mods in the "ALL" tab
  2. I'm not going to get this out of my head soon.. Thanks Kylo for sharing!
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