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  1. And on the other side we have players that never use the stand-still combo because they want to keep moving forward. Personally I'm fine with, and use both of them. Now if DE finds a way to bring back manual blocking so block combos aren't messed up by your gun then I'd be settled.
  2. And here I am hoping we get more horror quests in the future.
  3. Hopefully Duviri Paradox will rework the operator customization alongside everything else.
  4. Wait, people still play that minigame?
  5. It's part of a really old design choice that went ignored when they updated the dojo decorating systems. Imo, we should be allowed to drop any decorations we want on top of them, it's not even a thing about boundary limits and stuff like that as you can easily clip items from one room into the other.
  6. I dunno, I don't think he's trash, definitely strong, he just doesn't click with me so I find myself playing other frames even if they are 'weaker'.
  7. Maybe male should have some horns or larger arm spikes/blades/whatever those are?
  8. We have players who switch their aim from the right shoulder to the left one, there's really no reason for them to be limited to only the left shoulder when you take that into account. If they really want to keep it to only one then instead make it so you can only equip it on one shoulder instead of only on the left shoulder. Agreed with the bundles thing, I have a few deluxe packs where I bought only the skin and now want the accessories too but I don't exactly want to pay the full bundle price for it.
  9. I think we should wait and see how Empyrean plays out before we judge it.
  10. Operator, in 50 meters...*CRASH*..bzzt..turn left. Operator, you have arrived at your *IMPENDING DOOM*...bzzth...destination, you have arrived at your destination. Operator, there's a *OPEN BUFFETT*...crash site 100m ahead.
  11. It's a joke topic, don't take it seriously, no one in here did. Screw lootboxes, if DE want da moneyz they should add floofboxes, that's where it's at.
  12. Well it took me a while but after I got a good amp and most of my waybounds unlocked I really started to get a feel for it. Now I'm still far from fully unlocking all of the schools, but I've been enjoying operator gameplay quite a bit, sometimes I even run missions operator only and it feels nice. My only gripe is the clunky movement and ugly animations, oh how I hope they rework those with Duviri Paradox.
  13. Yes please, it's annoying as I have a few foresty rooms with lots of grass and rock floors and having it disrupted at the doors is really annoying.
  14. I'd like a smaller version that doesn't mess up my aim but still has the long dangling thing in the back.
  15. There's always the chance for a connectivity issue between you and other players(and the reverse ofcourse) so it may not be them leaving the mission but rather the game booting them out of it. Don't worry about it too much, just leave your squad public and go your way regardless of whether or not players join and leave.
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