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  1. Mechs piloting mechs, sure why not.
  2. If we had an opt-out method people would use it to not have to kill their Lich if it doesn't have the roll they want. Would that be bad? Not at all, please add it.
  3. Because I can't be bothered with random players and most of my friends don't play warframe. Currently, I'm solo'ing railjack missions because I don't like randoms wasting my resources when not needed.
  4. You know what? This would be good. Projectile weapons: shots fired home in on the targets : Hitscan weapons: what we have currently. The snap is awful for projectile weapons but works for hitscan.
  5. How about you play the game and kill the Lich then? Take back your stuff.
  6. Pretty sure weapon part drops are not affected by any boosters tho?
  7. That'd be nice I'd love for premade squads to be able to see the stats of everyone's railjack and let them choose which to use without forcing them to host as well.
  8. AFAIK it's gonna be an entirely new sol system.
  9. You need to destroy the reactor to blow up crewships, normal guns wont do the trick, pop into your archwing and get inside them.
  10. Since the last hotfix my Railjack reactor (vidar MK 2) reads "Equipped on Ordnance" when I equip it and don't get any grid/flux bonuses. I've seen people having the same issue.
  11. Well that's exactly why, instead of reducing cost it pumps up the numbers, I don't have a problem with this to be honest, but if avionics can be capped then any grid points that would push it above that should instead just reduce cost.
  12. Soon enough(not that soon actually) we'll get those modular archwings they showed us, probably in part 3.
  13. Imo, if an avionic caps out at a certain level, puting it in a grid that would push it past that should instead reduce it's cost by the same number.
  14. While it would be nice to have an indicator to avionics currently equipped, why do you scrap them down to 0 instead of only scrapping duplicates? You never know when you might need one even if it's weaker than something else.
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