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  1. If I remember correctly, i's in the lore that the founders of the focus schools were so strong on their own they could outperform warframes in every category. My guess is that a few quests down the line we'll reach that point, maybe after Duviri.
  2. It only increases damage of the heavy, not of the normal "light" attacks.
  3. Bad AI doesn't mean bad aimbot. By bad AI I mean they are effectively retarded and will stand still instead of moving around, taking cover, trying to not die instantly. This is boring to fight. Aimbot snipes from hitscan snipers are also boring and lazy to fight. The fact that a nullifier can oneshot you while standing out in the open 6 bulletjumps away doesn't suddenly make their AI better, it just makes it annoying. In no situation are hitscan weapons fun to fight against because as long as you were in the crosshairs when the bullet was shot, you will get hit. You should maybe spend more time playing the game instead of the forums.
  4. Actually, bulletjump in itself isn't a problem, the problem is from enemies having really bad AI across the board and taking an accuracy hit when we are in the air. That as well as them being too slow and grounded, we need more mobile and reactive enemies to put up a fight. Also we need enemy hitscan removed, it's no fun being sniped from 70m away with no chance to dodge once the bullet has been fired.
  5. What's there to master about archwing melee? It'a as simple as it can possibly be, mash the button to keep latching onto and smacking your target. There's nothing else to it and I can't see it be anything else while used with the archwing. Now if we ever get atmospheric arch-melee that'll be a different story.
  6. A lot of these changes look amazing but I have just one gripe. Blood Rush / Weeping Wounds and Gladiator set bonus. As long as these mods are tied to the combo multiplier, I will likely never use a Heavy Attack with them equipped, it's just not worth it unless I can either reach the cap on the mod's stacks really quick, or I can rebuild the lost combos just as quick. Regardless of which one of the two, it will still be a DPS loss while I'm stacking the mods back up. My suggestion for these is: Make them reward the player for executing combos with a 5 seconds stacking buff that keeps refreshing as long as they don't spam the same combo continuously. This will drive players using those mods to not just spam W+E or W+Block+E over and over and instead play around with the full stance. As long as the same combo isn't repeated twice in a row, the buff would refresh and stack up, when the same combo is repeated, the buff will drop down in stacks and no longer refresh the duration. Not only will this drive for more engaging gameplay, it will also no longer make one feel bad for using his combo meter on a heavy attack.
  7. I'd say it was in a way still better than current conclave.
  8. Not really, as long as Zenurik is the only school with energy regeneration capabilities it will keep being the dominant school no matter what others will provide.
  9. Oh bleep off will you? If nitain truly was an issue for you, you could've stacked enough for the next decade from this nightwave alone.
  10. Yes I started from scratch, because of this I'm not counting the story or content between them, I'm counting the gameplay, the way the planets work there against how they are in Warframe. The one thing that really struck me is how alive the environment feels on Destiny compared to Warframe's Open World equivalents. There is always something going on somewhere on the map and you don't find yourself traveling long distances where you're only checking out the environment. Not to mention the fact that it's not squad-based, you can find random players doing different things and join together for events without needing to form a party. The above is something that, if DE could do as well, would be huge. Yes I am aware it requires servers, yes I am aware servers are expensive, yes I am aware the spaghetti code of warframe will make that extremely hard to do; still, it should be something they attempt sometime in the future, if not the server based-truly-open-world, then the ones we have really need to be brought to life. Hostile wild-life roaming PoE and OV would be a starting point, dynamic events, that you can opt to launch or ignore, with meaningful rewards to follow. I'm gonna ignore the Conclave - Crucible debate as WF doesn't really work with traditional PvP and I don't really know what could work here and be enjoyable (Maybe PvPvE). Game balance is one giant can of worms I don't feel like opening right now, I'll just say I like the somewhat squishy with a passive delayed regen system they have in place more than our get oneshot or be a literal god system.
  11. As someone who has thousands of hours on WF and just recently picked up Destiny when it came to steam, my gaming routine now is login on Warframe for daily check, logout and play Destiny, rinse and repeat until Empyrean comes out. Like seriously, WF could learn a lot from it. Let the competition be here and be strong, this game hasn't had a real threat since the Second Dream launched and it bloody shows.
  12. Do quitting the mission count or falling asleep count?
  13. Not using an animation set on your warframe, I mean, no matter how good your fashion is, default idles look too bland.
  14. Armblade, has to be a new weapon type.
  15. Forget the infested secondary, gimme that infested armblade instead.
  16. Dunno dude, I like his looks. What I want now is a deluxe skin that goes for a more biological look instead of the mechanical one, I want the contrast.
  17. Launching something weak and following with buffs is better than launching it broken and machine-gun nerf it. While the end result is overall the same, it's about how the playerbase perceives the changes, nerfs=backlash, buffs=satisfaction.
  18. A way around that issue right now is, as stated in the video you linked, to hit them in the crotch.
  19. If you want Ordis to fight with you just spam the last fight from Octavia's Anthem (you can find only that fight available to play in Cephalon Suda's room in any relay).
  20. While the revert on lootframes is welcome, as far as the booster goes, can we just not add them at all? If you truly want to improve the farming experience then just straight out improve drop chances across the board instead of adding yet another bandaid fix. Regardless of free ways to earn it, boosters will always be frowned upon.
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