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  1. There's been new bugs that's popped up since then. I still enjoy the game, but it's not wrong to point out the kinks it has and wish for them to be fixed.
  2. I admit, there's probably a thousand other threads that say this exact same thing. I made this one simply to see what other people had to say on the matter, and whether they had any insights. Though I don't think blacklisting critique would really be fair. I should've explained the topic better, that's my bad. What I mean isn't dropping new content altogether, just hold on on big stuff like the open-worlds, side quests, and other huge things. I think nightwave is an attempt at doing supplementary content, but it's flawed as it is right now. This is a good point. Over the past years, the fanbase has really grown, and the devs have been focused on drawing in even more to the game, but at the same time this pushes back many needed fixes that the game needs. The only way I can see this cycle be broken is by getting ever more people to work on the game, because even though DE is big, it's not exactly Ubisoft or Bethesda levels of big.
  3. For the past few days, me and a few other long-time players of the game were discussing Warframe and some of it's downsides, such as the Deluxe skins not reflecting much quailty in design as of late. The topic was brought up about how the development team has been pushing out new content constantly as of late while there's still some problems waiting to be fixed, such as certain frames needing an update, or melee 3.0 still not out after years since it was announced. So I have a question for the community at large, and possibly any devs or mods that might come across this topic: Is it possible for DE to take some time to fix existing problems in the game, and to take a break from releasing new content in the mean time?
  4. Hi, my IGN is Nameless_Nate I heard about Shy and this clan from a friend of mine, and I'm really interested in seeing what it has in store. I've never been a part of a huge clan in Warframe before, so I'm just curious how it would feel to be in one. Also I've felt as in my activity in the game has been declining as of late, so I'm hoping that being a part of this clan will change that. To give some more information about myself. outside of Warframe, I am a 22 year old college student studying in network administration. I have an interest in art and wish to become an artist someday. My interests include dark fantasy, robots and mechs, and various horror-related media (especially anything Lovecraftian). I'm also an avid enthusist of retrowave and 80's aesthetics.As for personality, I'm a relatively quiet person. I don't really talk about myself personally that often, and whenever I do it's usually related to the topic at hand. I don't search for drama, either; matter of fact, I try to distance myself away from any drama if possible. I've been a part of the Warframe playerbase for 4 years now, and it's possibly the one game I have the most hours in total. Favorite movies would have to be The Iron Giant, Back to The Future, Akira, Blade Runner, and Wallace and Gromit. My favorite games would have to include Warframe (of course), Team Fortress 2, PAYDAY 2, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Dark Souls 3, Darkest Dungeon, Hotline Miami, and Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga. Favorite musical artists would have to be Tool, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Carpenter Brut, Perturbator, Bon Jovi, Kn1ght, Mettalica, and Blind Guardian. My Steam name is Nameless Nate.j2
  5. 1. What is your in-game alias? Nameless_Nate2. Why do you want to join our clan? I was suggested this clan by a friend of mine who's in the clan, and I'm very curious to check the place out.3. Tell me about yourself. Your personality, interests outside of Warframe, etc. I don't really talk much.. I'll say it right now that i'm not the most attentive person, and unless I'm called upon specifically, I'm not likely to hold a conversation for long. Outside of Warfame, I play various other games, like Dark Souls, Killer Instinct, etc.4. (optional) What is your Steam alias? Nameless Nate.j2
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