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  1. Hi 😄 so here are my questions How is the new war doing? can we expect it soon? You talked about an update coming soon, is it the Lich changes or is something different? How are the Archwing changes going?
  2. For me, it was worth it. I have tremendous ammounts of fun. But with that being said, DE still needs to work on the bugs, polish some stuff, expand Railjack/Empyrean to the core gameplay so it doesn't feel like an island and part 3 of Empyrean (which the name was "find answers")
  3. Hello 😄 How are the Empyrean fixes going? Will the third part of Empyrean have the modular Archwings and the Archgun that was shown on tennocon? Are there any plans on Modular Arch-guns? Are we gonna get changes for the Archwings we have right now? Are we gonna get a brand new Archwing in the near future? Are Archguns getting a buff on Empyrean? (since crit archguns underperform compared to status archguns). Are Archwing missions changing in some way? Are we gonna get an Archwing themed warframe? Is Empyrean gonna be integrated with the Kuva Lich System in the near future? Will we get new Kuva weapons for our Liches? Are we gonna get Corpus Liches in the near future? Any plans on improving the stealth gameplay experience? When is the third chapter on Nightwave dropping? How is the New War doing?
  4. You need the Zekti Bulkhead avionic, is one of those super-duper rare avionics.
  5. I haven't seen anybody use the War in years. Makes sense since the weapon still mains impact, for some reason, and there is nothing interesting about it. (The War really needs something to separate itself from other heavy blades). Also ... haven't seen people use the Synapse, Duak Skana, Dual Keres, Phage, AkBronco (Prime).
  6. Well, i do think that we could use more insentives on playing the game stealthy other than having extra affinity from stealth kills, because aside from that, there is no diference (rewards wise) on playing it stealthy or going loud and proud.
  7. As @Buldozers Said above, you absolute mad lads did it.
  8. So i have a lot of questions, hopefully some will be answered on the stream 😄 Are there any plans on having Modular Archguns? (Since we are going to have Modular archwings). Is there a chance that a new warframe will come with the second or third part of Empyrean? Will we get new riven disposition for archguns? Will we get atmosphere archmelee? There will be another Railjack series on release? How many weapons for our Railjack will we have to our disposition on release? (will it be just the ones we saw at tennocon?) Are we going to see an integration of the Kuva Lich System with Empyrean? Will we have a new boss fight that requires the use of our Railjack? Is there by any chance that the Jordas Golem may be reworked so we have to use our railjack against him? How is the Phorid/Nef Anyo boss fight rework going? How is New War doing? Can we expect a system similar to focus and rivens coming with New War? Does this update will affect how the invasions work? Will new noggles be released for the newer warframes? Who is the next frame to get the Leverian treatment? Are other warframes set on the table for a rework? if so, who are they and on what order? Thanks for answering in advance 😄
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