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  1. I recommend taking a break, i decided to take one, starting today, since we won't have new content until the end of the month (if we go by their word).
  2. It is to be expected, DE has a tendency on putting all of their eggs on one basket, specially at this time of the year when we are just waiting for the new big update. Also with Destiny 2 being free, now players that were interested but reluctant to pay the value of the game (taking into account how bad the release of the game was), are going to download and play that game.
  3. Well, as times moves on, a certain skill set (or a set up) isn't as efficient as it used to be. For example, Vauban used to be a GOD on defense missions, specially on ODD, but then his abilities became irrelevant, other warframes just killed a bunch of enemies by pressing a button and that was a more efficient solution. Other one, (but more than a skill set is a set up) was the Slow Nova set-up that, back in the day, people loved slow Novas for defense missions, but because now we want to finish missions faster we want a fast Nova so enemies arrive faster to the target, so we can kill them faster and do more waves in lesser time because efficiency. Is just how times are right now, going on a constant rush for "reasons".
  4. As a bunch of people have told you before, go for Condition Overload, that is one of the rarest but also one of the most powerfull mods outhere. And if you are lucky to get more than CO, you can sell the extra one for a fair ammount of platinum.
  5. DE has been aware of that for a while, and so far ... yeah ... it hasn't been that great of a situation.
  6. My only issue with Immolation is that the punishment for overheating is really brutal (as Scott pointed out, not literally, on the Devstream), maybe ... if you overheat, the rest of your abilities will suffer, like doing less damage, having lesser range, the casting animation is slower ... stuff like that for 15-30 seconds.
  7. So ... with the modular archwing arriving will we have modular arch-guns too?
  8. I think that was close at the time were Ember was going to be male.
  9. I don't have the exact answer but ... what would happen if i kill the enemy with Hysteria?
  10. Is a very good boss fight for Warframe-boss-standards.
  11. Something tells me that the new war will take the invasion missions we have right now and expand on it.
  12. So ... about empyrean ... how is that going on?
  13. When i get the mod i want to see how this would work with Garuda, since she benefits from being harmed.
  14. Hello, here are my questions. It was said that we would get modular archwing, will we get to have modular arch-guns also? Will there be another two-handed Nikana coming in the future? How is melee 3.0 doing? Is the combo counter rework going to happen or there is something different? Will we get a new type of Kavat this year? Can we expect a boss rework in the near future? for example The Sergeant/Nef Anyo (If i remember correctly, he was going to be a place holder for the Nef Anyo fight that would come later) and Phorid? How are the Deluxe skins for Khora, Garuda, Harrow and Equinox doing? can we expect them (or most of them) this year?
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