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  1. The only redflag for me is if i ask a question, how much do they take to answer at the moment of trading, or if they don't answer.
  2. Yeah LOL, There are books to be readen, places to be visited, music to be listened, people to be talked and maybe something more if everything comes alright ...
  3. I think everybody needs some chill pills LOL
  4. I think you should go to sleep. If it dropped today you wouldn't miss on anything aside from the bugs that regularly show up on the launch of a mainline update.
  5. Just Nightwave honestly, nothing too ground breaking or anything.
  6. Back in the day, DE used to give exact days on the content drop date BUT normally it got DElayed for whatever reason (and players got overly pissed) so now, they just say "next week" or something like that. Is like a way to manage the Hype. (I remember one time an update topic got to 90+ pages LOL)
  7. I personally didin't feel any pressure or felt forced to do something. If there was an act i didn't want to do ... i didn't do it (for example, fighting the profit taker), yet i am beyond rank 30. If i feel a burnout, i play other games or do other stuff.
  8. I am really excited to see what weapon variants are we gonna get 😄
  9. GAWDAMMIT is the riven on the right! LOL i am really sorry
  10. Personally i would keep the left riven stats, the weapon is slow so more speed is welcomed and you can take advantage of the extra status chance and use the 90% elemetal mods for more damage.
  11. To answer your question ... No, i wouldn't stay for 4 hours, i would fall asleep at the 50 minute mark.
  12. I highly recommend using the grattler, it is really effective against him. I have seen people recommend the Imperator Vandal too BUT i can't confirm since i don't have it x(
  13. The funny thing about it is that they talk about her being a portal themed warframe and she can summon stuff from her 'wispy' dimention yet ... the portal theme is seen on her 4th and the only thing she seems to summon is the reservoir things. The good thing they showed us a Wip so things might change.
  14. Yeah ... i have encountered dude only 2 times. One was the very first time right after i went from rank 0 to rank 1 in the nighwave thing and the other one was this monday. In the first one he dropped Shocking Touch and in the second one he dropped Eleventh Storm.
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