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  1. If they say anything, i would expect it to be between wednesday and friday.
  2. I think i am accurate when i say that a big part of the community disagree, don't like the changes that DE proposed there. Personally i don't really get why the things that make gun play viable on the steel path (aside from archguns, they don't even get a mention on the dev workshop post LOL), are unlocked by grinding on the steel path, also i don't think that is enough to bring those weapons up to speed with melee, specially when those mods/arcanes trigger on kill and not all melee mods require a kill to trigger. (also ... ranged weapons require a heavier investment in forma because there is
  3. This right here is so acurate. I specially agree with damage types and multipliers, because of those multipliers some damage types are set to fail (like blast, is not only the proc being bad but also the multipliers being horrific). Before all this gun buff/melee nerf is done, DE should check (once again) their damage system. Probably won't happen tho LOL.
  4. Now reading this post more ... the gun buff feels more like a "steel path revisited", everything that buffs the guns comes from there.
  5. The new abilities look interesting enough but ... have you considered allowing players to have more than one changed ability per build in a warframe?
  6. For parazon kills this is a good step in the right direction, but it needs a lot more for it to be a relevant element in the game.
  7. To be honest, i don't know how much will this change anything in the game, specially if the gunplay buff is just more mods (and arcanes) instead of changes to the actual gunplay. (or a simple change that could be welcomed ... allowing more mods to be fitted on the exilus slot)
  8. Her 4th look really lazy to me, in regards to her second ... i don't like K-Drives that much (haven't even bothered to increase my rep with the vent kids), but maybe there will be added stuff for that ability.
  9. Hello, i will just ask one question and not drop a big list. What happened to the Arch-Gun and Arch-Glaive that you showed on another Tennocon? (I know the cosmetic stuff is already in the game, but the actual weapons are nowhere to be seen)
  10. I personally believe that the defence map being way too big is not only for the corpus ship but for most of the defence maps in the actual game. (it really showcases how bad the AI actually is).
  11. So ... i have some questions :D How is the gun buff going? are there going to be new scaling mods for them? how about reviewing the damage system again? Are there any plans to modify the drop tables on void storms? or how they work? How is modular archwing doing? are there any intentions on modular archguns? How close are we to use necramechs on regular missions? (aside from orphix) I understand there are intentions of bringing back Scarlet Spear, Is Little Duck's store gonna be updated with new guns/weapons? or are they still going to be Ceti Lacera and the Basmu
  12. Excellen, will look forward to it :D. So i have some questions: Are there any plans on adding the mission system corpus railjack has to grineer railjack? (meaning some missions will be exterminate, defence etc... instead of just skirmish) and viceversa? (corpus railjack getting some skirmishes) How are the Lavan numbers with the hull work? its weird to me because if Lavan is supposed to focus more on hull, an MK1 has more Hull than an MK2. (wish i could put a screenshot but i exchanged it for endo) Are there any plans on giving liches an extra role? or are they remaining as
  13. To me, one of the things that the game could do is get rid of the damage multipliers (if you look at Blast, Magnetic, Gas, Impact and to a certain degree Puncture, they really aren't great) and give some different, more interesting procs to the damage types instead of: "does extra damage to armour/shield/health". for example: magnetic could use the void proc with an addition, and the more magnetic procs the target has received, the harder it is for him to move and can start pulling other enemies to the target (similar to magnetize but without the explosion at the end and the interaction with s
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