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  1. With the Corpus version of Kuva Liches on the horizon, as well as the Command intrinsics, I've been thinking about something that might make Liches a bit more interesting. The "quirks" are a fine concept, but what if there were more of them and they did more than just pepper in some alternate voice lines? What if they affected their behavior and/or combat prowess? A few concepts: "Inspiring" - As an enemy, thralls spawn more frequently and deal more damage. As an ally (converted lich), crew/squad mates deal extra damage. "Trickster" - As an enemy, lich and thralls use mobility
  2. It's possible to get that high without exploits. Takes a lot of coordination, nearly flawless execution, and good luck regarding map layout. Saw a video of a squad doing 36k, and they made several mistakes, so 40k is not out of the range of possibility.
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