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  1. You're only supposed to be able to rename Zaw weapons, not all melee weapons. It's not a bug.
  2. ...This was the worst part of the beam weapon changes...and you made it worse... First, you kill the ammo efficiency of my favorite weapon (Quanta/Vandal) by homogenizing all the beam weapon fire rates. At the same time, you make short bursts to conserve ammo completely pointless due to the beam "warm up" time. Now, I have to hold the beam over each enemy for a full second before it reaches its listed damage rate? Does it consume less ammo during this time? (Don't answer that, I know it doesn't.) How does this make any sense whatsoever? I guess I have to find a new favorite weapon...I think I'll stay away from beam weapons for a while.
  3. Why bother giving the new stats at all, then, if we have no context in which to make sense of them?
  4. Nerfing the ammo efficiency of my all-time favorite weapon and lowering the clip size to boot? Sure, it gets much higher DPS, but burns through its clip in 6.67 seconds...and that's just the primary fire. Alt fire is going to deal nearly 3 times as much damage...no mention of the ammo cost, so I'm guessing it drains the whole clip in one trigger pull. The 0.2 second faster reload speed isn't even close to making up for this. Its damage was fine before. I loved this weapon for the incredibly ammo-efficient primary fire. It already melts faces, now it will just burn through its ammo supply insanely fast while doing so. This is exactly what they did to the Synoid Gammacor back in the day, buffed its DPS and slaughtered its ammo-efficiency, and now literally no one uses it. Speaking of which: I have no idea what this means. Current fire rate is 15 (15 ammo/damage instances per sec)...no fire rate listed here, only ".5 ammo requirement." Does this mean it's keeping the 15 damage instances per sec but halving the ammo cost? The base damage is lowering from 28 to 20, which I can't parse correctly without the new fire rate numbers, but I don't know if twice the crit rate is going to make up for that damage nerf.
  5. Like _Kireek_ said, it's just a random easter egg. The text can be deciphered, and it "translates" (it's not really a language, just a phonetic alphabet representing English) to something like the following:
  6. Um, maybe the vid you posted isn't a very good example, but that was nothing like an instant kill. As a solo player just sitting still and taking fire from a dozen or so enemies, yeah, you're going to die. (It looks like there's an eximus unit there, too.) And when you're solo, you don't get a bleedout state, you just die. That's normal.
  7. Yes. Syndicate mods are restricted to one specific variant of the weapon.
  8. I am not arguing that a passive buff is worse than the current implementation. I am not of the opinion that Focus 2.0 is all fine and dandy. I am not trying to say that Energizing Dash is the best thing that ever happened to energy regeneration. All I'm saying is that it is not so terrible that it warrants the outrage that so many seem to be expressing here. It is clear what DE's intention was here - to make the Focus abilities/buffs more dynamic and less fire-and-forget - and they're not going to budge on that aspect. I was also upset about the change to Zenurik at first, but after playing with it, I realized that it's not so bad, and like I said before, the additional functions, along with the passive of 50% extra energy from orbs, (I feel) make up for it no longer being a passive regen. I still think tweaking the numbers a bit would be nice - maybe a longer duration or bigger bubble. And like I wrote earlier, some sort of Energy Drain Eximus mitigation would be fantastic. tl;dr - Yes, there is room for improvement, but no, it's not outrageous.
  9. The only reason I don't use Gara is because I don't like her appearance. It has nothing to do with her power, which is off the scale if you take advantage of her power synergies.
  10. It's different from Frost's Snow Globe, not necessarily better or worse in every circumstance. Mass Vitrify blocks enemies from moving through it once it hardens; Globe does not. Vitrify will break apart in sections, not all-or-nothing like Globe. Vitrify's range/size can be dynamically controlled by how long you let it expand; Globe has a static size that can only be altered by changing mods. Vitrify deals area damage outside the wall when shattered with Gara's first ability, while Globe deals area damage inside the the globe when shattered with Frost's first ability. Vitrify does not block friendly fire at all, while Globe does block friendly fire from the outside. Also, there's the synergy with Splinter Storm to consider. If you think Mass Vitrify is terrible, you aren't using it right. (By the way, you can end the expansion of the wall early by pressing the power button again.) Overall, I think that even after the change, Mass Vitrify will still be exceptionally powerful, more so than Snow Globe in most situations. I'm not denying that the change is a nerf, but it's not an unwarranted one, nor does it break the ability. I agree with the idea that it shouldn't have both health and a duration limit, though. That was the same problem with Snow Globe for a while.
  11. My point was that it's not that disruptive, and you don't need to do it every 30 seconds, especially with the passive 50% extra energy per orb. If it takes you more than a second to pop in and out of operator mode to do a quick dash, you're not doing it right. It doesn't even have to slow you down if you're on the move, since Void Dash is usually faster than you're moving anyway (especially with Naramon's dash speed boost unlocked). Yeah, it's not a permanent passive 4 energy per second, but I think the extra 1 energy/s, the fact you can share it, and the on-demand nature of it (as opposed to waiting for the cooldown at the start of every mission or host migration) more than makes up for the non-permanence. The bug/gllitch of it not activating if the dash is too short (such as when looking down, as you mentioned) does need to be fixed, though. I can understand being frustrated with that.
  12. It's kinda funny how so many people are still complaining about Zenurik's Energizing Dash. It takes less than a second to activate, it's available on demand, and you can share it with your teammates. I don't see the problem here. (And yes, I used Zenurik before the change, too.) One change that would make it amazing would be to let it counteract Parasitic and Energy Drain Eximus unit's auras. As it is, said auras completely cancel all energy regeneration on top of draining energy like mad. Might make melee channeling, which they seem to be trying to push with PoE, a little more viable.
  13. The vulnerability in SMB was fixed back in March. If your Windows is up to date, you don't need to be disabling SMB anymore. This is not a problem with Warframe, this is a problem with clueless "know-it-alls" telling people to disable core operating system services due to a security vulnerability problem which was fixed months ago.
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