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  1. 5 hours ago, ErudiusNacht said:

    And here I thought Valkyr Prime would be based off the Gersemi skin and kinda have wings. Sooo disappointing that you just primed the bonds. What?

    Yeah, I was kinda bummed that they didn't do something like that. Was thinking it might even be *called* Gersemi Prime instead of Valkyr Prime just to be different, but I suppose that would have been confusing, especially for newer players. It's not really a big complaint from my point of view, anyway.

  2. On 10/17/2016 at 3:52 PM, LSG501 said:

    I can't find them statues anywhere else, I've only ever seen 1 single statue outside of the quests and this was on the day of release. 

    Use Loot Detector, Thief's Wit, and/or Animal Instinct mods. The sculptures show up in place of normal containers with the same map marker, so you'll have to check them all to be sure you didn't miss anything. I usually break every container in the map just to clear it off so I know there's nothing there. I've found several while hunting for syndicate tokens in syndicate missions (though they are pretty rare).

  3. On 10/15/2016 at 8:28 AM, WhyNotBro said:

    Maybe i'm missing something, buuuut...We can't have doubles? Because i've farmed 2 sculptures already, then i fully charged them, placed into my liset....and next missions(3) i did (successfully) rewarded me nothing at all. I can't have the statues i placed already or what?

    Erm, you can have as many statues as you collect, but they aren't mission rewards. They are found as an item in the mission, just like stars and syndicate tokens. If you're picking them up and they're not getting added to your inventory after completing the mission successfully, then that's not what's supposed to happen.

  4. I am thoroughly underwhelmed by the Synoid Heliocor. The clones are completely worthless (and only one at a time). Other than that, it's pretty much a straight downgrade from the Heliocor. Channeling sucks, and Killing Blow doesn't even work right anyway (see thread below). Pure mastery fodder.




  5. 12 hours ago, Loswaith said:

    The veteran part was your presumption on preloading, not anything I said.  All I mentioned was no preloading. I don't consider bonuses as the normal way things work otherwise they cease to be bonuses.

    Ah, my apologies. I'm not sure where I got that.


    12 hours ago, Loswaith said:

    Actually it isn't better it simply looks that way to those that don't understand the mathematics of it all.  While actually being able to help new/other players to jump a step was lost entirely, but I guess you don't even care about helping others from the "easy primes" comment, after all they still had to play those missions, and DE determined playing the mission was enough.

    I understand your point, but your math leaves out a couple of factors. One is the traces you get from opening the relics of whatever part(s) you want (including common parts). The other is the time spent running missions. Any relic can be opened on a quick capture or exterminate void fissure mission (depending on what fissure missions are available at any given moment), which takes maybe five minutes, tops, or just a single rotation of an endless mode, also around 5 minutes (spy works fine, too, if your team knows their stuff).

    In that five minutes, if everyone in a full squad brings the same relic, you get 4 rolls. Even without traces, that's over a 7% chance at the rare item (1 - .98^4), which is at least a little higher than the ~5% that you stated before for rare items in the old system. That is way more time-efficient than a defense/survival/interception rotation C (20 minutes), and even a little more efficient than an old void exterminate or capture. And time is money, as the saying goes. The less time you spend running fissures, the more relics you can farm and fissures you can run.

    On top of that, you have traces as an added bonus, which you can either farm with junk relics using the time you saved with fissures versus the old system, or you can save up from whatever relics you run normally. and as we've already established, in a full squad with 4 radiant relics, that's about a 1/3 chance at the rare item, which is a huge bonus every 5-6 fissure missions on average. Traces can also be stored up before a new prime access is released, giving you a sizeable jump start (depending on your mastery rank) on farming the new primes.

    As for acquiring the new relics, I have already outlined a method for veteran players to get a jump start on that, and it's not really important for new players since they wouldn't have a stockpile of keys in the old system anyway. Also, relics are significantly more common now on mission reward tables than void keys ever were.

    For these reasons, I stand by my assertion that the void relic system is better than the old void system - for everyone. Sure, each person has to have a relic to get a reward (as opposed to key-sharing in the old system), but I think that's a fair tradeoff for the other benefits of the relic system.

    And that's not even considering that rather than grinding the exact same mission over and over for a specific part, you can play a variety of different mission types on a variety of different tilesets.

    You're focusing too much on the per-mission and per-key rewards and not seeing the big picture.

    P.S. - Just got the last BP I needed for the new primes last night. I now have all of the new primes in what...two weeks? Granted, I was prepared before Nekros Prime Access hit and I've been playing quite a bit every day (most of my time spent running sorties and syndicate missions - have already stockpiled even more syndicate tokens than I had for this PA: closing in on 1 million standing worth of tokens), but that seems to me like a fair amount of time to acquire 3 new prime items. And the only part I got really lucky on was the Nekros Prime Systems. The rest of the rare parts (all three BPs) took several radiant runs each. Oh yeah, and I have an extra Galatine Prime BP from running with clanmates to help get theirs. Anecdotal, I know, but still a testament to the efficacy of the relic system.

  6. On 8/31/2016 at 0:24 AM, Loswaith said:

    lol.. the mathematics took me all of 5 minutes, so no I couldn't.  Likely took me longer to type up the calculations for others to understand than to actually do them. 
    Though my arguments just aren't about me, they are about the game for everyone.  

    As you pointed out for us veterans we don't have that much of an issue with the system, but the game isn't only about the veterans or what the veterans can can get out of it.  It is about how the game works for all players on the whole.  How the new systems is (as someone in council so eloquently put it) "a wolf in sheep's clothing".

    Way to ignore the bulk of my post to respond to the glib remark I made at the end. I guess that means that you agree with the rest of the things I said.

    This whole conversation started with me responding to your complaint that, as a veteran player, you couldn't "preload" the grind work for new primes by pre-farming keys/relics. I gave you a method to do something similar to that, and now your argument is that it's harder for new players than the old system? The same new players that wouldn't have had tons of void keys stockpiled anyway? As I said before, relics are way easier to get now, in greater quantities, than the old void keys were. Overall, it's even better for new players than it is for veterans, unless you want to talk about veterans dragging new players through void runs for easy primes. But that's more of a circumvention of the intended progression than a legitimate feature that should be preserved.

  7. 20 hours ago, Loswaith said:

    Sure you can but then that hardly makes it a bonus from the syndicates (and traces a way to improve drops) if you start counting that as being the normal way to achieve the result.  The point of the syndicates was to give ways to get extras, not the primary way to gain keys/relics.  Even with syndicates you cant rely on them to give you the exact relic you want even after spending millions of reputation, because you get older ones as well.  
    Keep in mind you will generally only be earning enough reputation at peak mastery for 1-3 relics per day, where as you could be earning far more keys previously and often just doing whatever you wanted to be doing, knowing those keys would be good for the life of the system, not just a few weeks/months.

    You were whining about not being able to pre-farm keys for new prime stuff anymore, and I gave you a perfectly valid method. A lot of us "veteran" players already have everything we want from syndicates, so we can either hoard all that standing on the off chance that something new will be added to them in the near future, buy syndicate mods or weapons on the off chance we might be able to find someone who doesn't already have it to buy it with plat, or spend it on relic packs (which is a fine bonus perk if you ask me).

    And no, you couldn't just get keys doing "whatever you wanted." They only dropped as rewards for certain mission types, and far less abundantly than relics drop now.  Now, on Outer Terminus, Pluto, you have a good chance of getting a Neo relic on waves 5 and 10, then a very good chance (maybe guaranteed, I'm not sure) of an Axi relic on waves 15 and 20. I suspect there is a similar mission somewhere for the lower tiers of relics, but I haven't found it yet. And there's talk of adding relics as drops from eximus units.

    Anyway, I imagine DE wants new primes to be more difficult to get right away. And personally, that doesn't bother me at all. It's not prohibitively difficult as is (my Nekros Prime just finished building today without rushing, and I didn't even use up all the traces I had stored up). I'd much rather have to spend a little extra time acquiring the new relics than grind for hours on one mission for a 5% chance to get the drop I want every 20 minutes/waves (or 4 rounds of interception).

    20 hours ago, Loswaith said:

    This at its core is a huge issue of the system, it means that you have done at-least 5 other missions (on average you get 18 traces, unboosted, but lets just call it 20 for simplicity) for that 34.39%.  So 6 total missions on average, thus actually much lower on a per mission basis and much closer to the original drop rates than one would expect.  
    For comparison the same 6 missions in the old system would be 29.41% chance of getting the lowest drop rate (5.64%) rare items at-least once (if you get fewer than the 20 average traces per run it starts looking much worse (even for groups of 4), Old system chances: 7 runs would be 33.34% (your 1/3), 8 runs 37.15%, 9 runs 40.69%, 10 runs 44.04%).  Thus only groups of 4 identical radiant relics are marginally better off (3 identical radiant relics are only 27.1% chance) if you get average trace gains or better.  Doesn't really look like the trace system is actually improving much at all (the point of the trace system itself) given you have to use a chunk of traces or relics just to get what we had before on a single key. 

    Sure it is nice to feel like we have some choice and variety in missions (even if it doesn't help much), but the problem is it is ONLY better for groups with 4 identical relics.  Yet there are many other possible make up of group/relic combinations (many of which are far worse off now than the old system) but only the one type of group make-up is people are talking about when saying it is better, while mostly ignoring every other group make-up that is possible.  This inherently makes it worse for many players than the old system not better, and breaks the system down to be unbalanced for players that simply cant field 4 identical relics for whatever reasons. 

    You're not taking into account the traces you get just from farming other more common prime parts you need. Or farming junk primes for ducats. Or farming primes to sell. Not all the traces you get have to be grinded on their own. Then there's the fact that instead of waiting 20 minutes for a 5% chance of some C rotation item, you can run a quick 2 minute mission and get 4x 10% chances (and 0% chance of a lousy orokin cell). Overall, it's much more efficient.

    And no, it's not hard to get a group of people with a specific radiant relic, especially for new primes. Just go to recruiting chat and type "Hosting [Name of Relic] radiant run" And invite the first 3 people that PM you. You might have to type it once or twice more, but you can get that group together in less than 5 minutes easily.

    And none of this is is taking into account the times when you might get a random person with a radiant relic in a public mission (it's happened to me several times) you might be running for traces and get some rare part that you can sell for either plat or ducats. (I got a spare Vauban Systems that way.)

    During the time it took you to do the math in your post, you could have farmed up a handful of relics or run a few 4-radiant runs or gathered 100 or more traces and some extra parts from running public missions with your old "useless" relics. If you choose to whine and mope about it instead of just playing the game and at least trying to have some fun with it, that's your own fault.

  8. On 8/24/2016 at 0:15 AM, Loswaith said:

    Well it is still new.  Now think about these once you have done 200+ or even 1000+ of these missions.  Will that really be any different than the old void irritations?  Especially since you can't do any pre-loading work to actually make it a bit quicker when DE do eventually release the next batch of prime stuff.

    Actually, you can do some "pre-loading" by hoarding syndicate tokens like I did. I bought around 30 relic packs immediately after downloading the update with the stuff I saved up, and got at least two of each of the new relics except Axi T1, which I only got one of. I had also farmed up my full limit of void traces so that I could upgrade my newly acquired relics right away. (Granted, at mastery rank 22, that's a lot more traces than someone with, say, rank 10.) I managed to get Nekros Prime Systems (rare drop) that day on the first run (with a full squad of radiant relics). Each run you've got about a 1/3 chance of getting the rare drop if you have 4 people bringing the same radiant relic. And relics are so easy to farm now if you know where to look, and there's a handy dandy table listing where every relic drops on the wiki. (Hint: Check out the Outer Terminus, Pluto.)

    TLDR; With some foresight, it is totally doable to get a nice jump start on farming new prime parts by saving up syndicate standing/tokens to buy relic packs and capping out your traces.

    I love the new system, and about the only thing I would change is adding more relics to the void mission drop tables with higher chances to drop rare relics (and guaranteed ones at certain rotations of endless missions). It would fit lore/flavor-wise and give us a reason to hunt in void missions other than to explore the tilesets.

  9. On 8/26/2016 at 10:22 AM, Skaleek said:

    Feels like void traces and ducats are -almost- the same currency. Remove redundancy and merge them.

    Huh? They have very little to do with each other and aren't even used in the same way. Ducats are a currency used to buy exclusive items, while traces are a resource used to improve your chances of getting a rarer reward from a relic.

  10. 7 minutes ago, Dell_the_Engie said:

    Oh, they'll have to create new relics.  The full Nyx Prime set is contained in 12 different relics.  And there's tons of other drops tangled among all of those relics.  I can only speculate how this will go, but I'm worried.

    Um, they'll just put those parts on the new relics for the new prime stuff that's being released. Problem solved. And yeah, those old relics will still be there, cluttering up your relic inventory until you use them all, but I'd say that's a small price to pay.

  11. 26 minutes ago, Fi-le said:

    NYX, SCINDO and HIKOU PRIME?!!? why them? was Nova, soma and vasto prime turn >-< OMG WHY?! why DE changed the order again... it's frustrating! sorry but im not gonna WASTE anytime for search that useless (for me is useless, but for others is "good" i guess) Nyx prime (the helmet is pretty tho)

    Nope, Nyx was before Nova.


    22 minutes ago, lightdragon64 said:

    I thought sotr was supposed to release old primes from the vault, not add more to it...

    couldn't we just have it to where a very specific pool of relics drips from a very specific node? There are not nearly enough relics to take up all the nodes...

    Well, I'm not saying I disagree with you, but just playing DE's advocate here. Eventually, with new primes releasing every few months or so, we'll have way too many different relics to deal with effectively. On the plus side, anything vaulted from here on out will still be obtainable from relics you already have with those parts on them. So you don't have to scramble to farm the parts themselves (though you may want to farm the relics before they go in the vault).

    Also, only one person in the squad has to bring that particular relic for each squadmate to get a chance at it. Sure, that chance is higher if more than one bring that same relic, and it takes more time to get the item you want that way, but it's still a way to farm stuff that has been vaulted long afterward.

    Of course, there is the monetization aspect as well, which is inconvenient for us F2P'ers, but as long as it helps keep the game afloat and free for us, I won't complain. It's not like DE is developing this game solely for their own amusement, they've got to put food on the table somehow. Maybe someday we'll have a non-capitalist utopia where machines do all the hard work while us humans are free to spend all our time creating, learning, exploring, playing, competing, developing relationships, etc. without having to worry about where our next meal will come from, but for now, money rules all.

    Rage all you want, but that's the way things are. At least for now.

  12. 18 hours ago, (XB1)LAZYNOOB2015 said:

    What exactly is a junction?

    Basically a replacement for the Nav Segments. In SotR (now in cert for XB1 and PS4), the solar map is laid out much more intuitively, with each planet unlocked by a junction in a specific order (more or less). Each junction has 4 tasks, which will usually be completed just by clearing the nodes on that planet, though there are also things such as crafting a weapon or killing a certain number of specific units.

    It's mainly an effort to make the game more friendly to new players, giving them a sense of direction and knowing what to do to progress, though there is still much to be done in other areas of the new player experience.

  13. These are more like suggestions than questions, but anyway...

    • Would you please add rarity/ducat prices to the void fissure rewards selection screen? So, if we don't get the thing we want, we can at least easily pick out the rarest/most valuable (at least in ducats) reward.
    • I'd really like to see Vacuum become a Companion mod that can be used with any companion (and Carrier/Chesa given some replacement ability). Alternatively, it could be an innate Tenno passive ability, preferably with some way to toggle it off (some people might not like it on all the time). Maybe find another passive for Mag in that case. In any case, collecting drops is a pain without Vacuum, which makes using any companion other than Carrier seem sub-par.
    • Dual Swords holster options for said configuration of the Dark Split Sword? Please? :)
    • Oh yeah, and any news/ETA on the mod fusion changes?

    Thanks! >^_^<


  14. Whoa, first time I've been here on the first page. Nice!

    Quick, think of a deep, meaningful question...erm, uh...crap...

    Well, I might as well draw attention to my bug report that no one seems to have noticed when I posted it:

    Okay, I got it...

    I love the new lighting effects! For the most part, the game looks (even more) gorgeous (than before). However, there are some outliers, especially on Grineer tilesets, that under certain conditions look...strange. (See screenshots in the spoiler tag below.) So, I guess my question is: Are you aware of this, and are you still working on it?






  15. pls allow function to remove name on my Tenno Avatar, coz actually she is a girl and my name on her doesn't seem right:)))


    You know you can change the gender of your tenno by choosing a different face, right? And that the tenno is supposed to be *you*, not an NPC. Or am I misunderstanding you?

  16. The central part of the Quanta still have the metallic green vandal color :S




    This. I'm sure it will get fixed soon enough. I'm just so happy to finally have a skin for it so I can start using the Quanta Vandal without totally clashing with my warframe! :)

  17. Q1: Any chance that we could get the look of the normal weapons as skins for Vandal and Wraith variants so that they can be tinted/customized like the normal versions? (For example: Add the base Quanta skin as a skin for Quanta Vandal)




    Q2: Any news on the next weapons/frames/cosmetics to be opened up for TennoGen submissions? My vote: Quanta!

  18. I know I'm late to the discussion, but I just wanted to throw in my 2 credits.


    Void drop tables were already so diluted, I don't see why they thought adding forma to the rotation C mix was a good idea. I mean, seriously, 20 minutes in T3 Survival for a 25% chance of useless crap forma (12.5% chance for forma BP + 12.5% chance for a built forma, and that's assuming each reward has an equal chance) and only a 12.5% chance to get the thing you want. I already had 40+ forma before this change, and now I've just stopped building them.


    I wish I had run more T3 Survivals right after the release of Nova Prime instead of putting it off. :(

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