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  1. This looks like an amazing update for Arbitration, shorter rotations, more vitus essence, kuva for vitus and so much more. I. Love. All of them. BUT!!!!!!!! Do not expand the drop table with auras and arcanes please. This game has so much RNG in it already that it's insane. Put them in the ArbiShop.... Gives us some linear progression so we don't get useless mods instead of potentially precious endo/rare mods/sculptures (to do challenges) not to mention the already brutal rare aura forma. Same goes for the ephemera in my opinion. Give it a huge Vitus price in the ArbiShop, I don't mind but after you get it once.... it's just bad to get a super rare stuff that has 0% use.... you can't even trade the damn thing. And please don't increase prices either. As I said, put those stuff into the ArbiShop! Make us want to spend that Essence. 🙂
  2. Hey DE, 1. Fixing the issues that came with the auto-blocking? (very disruptive especially with charge attack melee weapons) 2. Khora's dome is barely visible because of its transparent apparence, any changes to fix this? 3. Changable difficulity before Empyrian? If so, when? 4. I noticed, that the glass on Mag Primes helmet is quite foggy, compared to the rest of her helmets where it's nice and crystal clear. Can we hire someone to polish her helmet a bit please? 5. Any chance that we have more than 4 augments per frame and having dedicated augment slots in the future? Some frames are so stat heavy that they cannot afford the luxury to switch those for an augment
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