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  1. hi I play on PC but with a PS4 controller. A few updates back you change the control lay out for the archwing. I use to be able to do instant boost with x or with my L1 but now each time I try to boost with L1 I start going down I change a lot of configurations on the game and steam to try to fix this because it was a pain for me is way easier to boost with L1 but is impossible to bind this key because now is as a default that cant be change to X please change back the archwing config of add in the control configuration lay out an option for change the boost button it helps a lot. Thanks in advance ^.^
  2. So DE keep nerfing Ember she really was on need of that Javlok self damage to be able to proc her pasive now it will be a pain to proc that pasive when I read the amalgama mod I was exited for a new tool for her but now Javlok is use less for her plese if you want to help her give a minimun self damage to the Javlok or let the Javlok proc fire on a target with no damage
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