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  1. Hello everyone, Im back! I’m a Gaphic Designer and This is the right place to request your personalized image, be it the clan or alliance emblems for Warframe or completely different elements. To send your request, simply comment on this thread or send me a PM that includes the visual requirements of your image. I will prepare drafts as soon as possible and repeat the design according to your comments until we agree on a final result. I’ll need the following from you: ♦ Clan name ♦ Colors ♦ Forms / elements ♦ Text (optional) ♦ Reference images ➤ Payment: You can payme with platinum or cash (paypal) My minimum payment for an emblem is 370p or $20 - increases per hour worked -. (150p/$10 in advance and the rest when the emblem is complete and you like the results). Once the emblem is done I will send you the ready for upload version (128px x 128px) and High resolution version. IGN: Kalgwath My paypal: https://paypal.me/kalgwath Important: If you haven’t PC account, you need use Paypal ➤ Some emblems: Available for all platforms - PC, Xbox, NSW, PS4 - If you have any questions, please let me know.
  2. Hi! WTB adarza/smeeta imprints ( head and body vasca, leaf tail, blue/cyan energy
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