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  1. I might be the only one, but I really dislike the new dynamic "butt flaps" for the default Vauban (and tennogen skins). I have gotten so used to the old flaps that were static and sat smoothly at the back of his legs that the new dynamic ones look so weird on him. I know that reverting the change might not be an option and adding a toggle option for this kind of stuff is probably a bit pointless and time consuming. Anyway I just thought about posting my feedback about the change 😄 Also the butt flaps are broken on the prime skins atm. It always show the prime flaps instead of the skin chosen (Prime details toggle does nothing).
  2. It doesn't. The prime butt flaps still remain.
  3. How is the Vauban rework coming along?
  4. I'm not. You are the one complaining over an issue that you are doing to yourself. But hey, whatever floats your boat. Just adapt to the market and you can still dig your platinum from somewhere if that's what you fancy.
  5. Oh my gosh. So you just buy everything whenever stuff is released and then whine that there is nothing for you to do? 😄 No wonder you get bored when you focus solely on trading rivens and then use the excess platinum to skip actually playing the game. What's the point even playing then? You are just digging your own grave.
  6. But why? Making plat is just as useless as all the other stuff you listed. Why not get some rivens for forgotten weapons and then roll those for your OWN pleasure? You know there are tons of weapons in the game and not all of them (surprise, surprise) has a crappy disposition. Geez, you can just simply enjoy the gameplay of Warframe, playing with your friends and having fun. You don't need to have the best rivens or tens of thousands of platinum to enjoy game. And I'm saying this all as a veteran player with ~3.5k hours played.
  7. I'm a veteran myself and I DO collect and use rivens as well. It's just that unlike someone else I can appriciate the riven disposition changes, the most used weapons get nerfed while the less used ones are getting BUFFED. You sound like all they do is nerf weapons while they also buff the less common ones. I'm more than fine with getting rivens for the uncommon weapons and making them more on par with the meta weapons thanks to rivens. You are just salty that your rivens get nerfed because all you do is invest in meta rivens. Maybe give a try to some not so popular picks? If the only thing you are doing in Warframe is grinding meta rivens and making already strong weapons even stronger then perhaps you should try something else? There are lots of stuff to do even if you are a veteran player. Or maybe just take a break from the game and come back when they add more stuff? Also we got new content at the same time DE readjusted the rivens. We got both Wukong Prime access and the Nightwave season 2. You are just whining over nothing.
  8. This. I mean sure my Supra got a hit, but it's still far from useless and the riven is STILL better than any other mod for that slot. And on top of that some other weapons like Braton and Sybaris got a buff so overall my rivens got a buff. Heck, my Akstiletto has been 0.5 disposition since the rivens were added and I still have riven for it for that sweet punch through, multishot and crit chance combo.
  9. Jesus, they told us from the very beginning that rivens are mods that WILL be adjusted at certain intervals. All of you people whining, you were WARNED long before you went and wasted your precious platinum/kuva on a riven that might eventually get nerfed. Suddenly the game (that is PvE mind you) that was already great before they even introduced rivens is now so bad when they touch your precious meta weapons dispositions? Oh, well. I'm just happy to see DE keep up with readjusting the rivens every 3 months.
  10. Vauban rework? That's the only thing I want for this year. Also any chance for a second look on Chesa's reworked Retrieve? It's really underwhelming at the moment.
  11. What are the plans for pets 2.0? Is it still something that is being worked on? Also any plans to change Chesa's precept "Retrieve" now that we have Fetch?
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