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  1. Vauban rework? That's the only thing I want for this year. Also any chance for a second look on Chesa's reworked Retrieve? It's really underwhelming at the moment.
  2. Small tweaks like reducing the cooldown to 2~5 seconds, making the chance 100% or the ability to target 2-3 corpses would do wonders for this ability. In its current state the mod is simply useless. It's highly inconsistent, has a long cooldown and a poor success chance. I'm really disappointed to be honest, but still hope that DE gives it a decent tweak before Chesa is forgotten again.
  3. Can't you keep the melee feedback in its own topic? Like 95% of the posts in this one are about the melee changes even though we have a dedicated topic just for the melee.
  4. Chesa's Retrieve precept rework was much needed, but I feel like it fell a bit short on my expectations. The delay of 10s for 45% chance for single target to reroll loot is not so good. It could be made decent with small changes like 10s for 100% chance or keep the 45% chance, but lower the cooldown for example to 5s. Or maybe make it affect up to 2-3 targets instead.
  5. What are the plans for pets 2.0? Is it still something that is being worked on? Also any plans to change Chesa's precept "Retrieve" now that we have Fetch?
  6. Amazing tweaks for the Nezha. I'm still sad that Vauban got basically nothing compared to this rework. Here is hoping Vauban will get a proper one down the road.
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