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  1. So, anyone else feel like The Wolf got buffed and not nerfed as he was supposedly going to be? The last two fights with him have taken way longer than any other fights, and at lower levels too.
  2. Conservationist and Gild I'll skip. The endurance runs I'll skip too, I know a lot of other people love the endurance runs so I have no problem with them existing.
  3. Really? Well okay then. I'll accept that I misunderstood as I feel mentally shattered right now.
  4. But it's not exclusive, because you can farm them or you can buy them. This is a free to play game. They do need to have sources of revenue in the game to keep it going and to pay for the ever-evolving updates to the game. Here's what you can do if you don't like that you can't trade standard frames in the game. Farm relics and mods. Sell them for plat even if you sell them as junk items for cheap to get fast sales. Then when you have enough plat buy the frame. It would almost be like you traded for it.
  5. Urgh, excavation. You haven't got the Sibear yet have you? 30k Cryotic. I haven't got any ephemera yet, but I think I have almost 20k built up since I stopped needing it for items.
  6. Every non-prime Warframe is farmable in game or purchasable from the dojo. There is no vaulting process for these frames. The only reason to buy a standard frame is because you don't want to farm them.
  7. It takes 10k standing to earn those three Forma, you only get 3k in return for using them. if you have nothing to forma at the time, you miss out on the task, or you waste 3 forma. I just got a Tatsu riven, Now I am hesitant to forma it in case the 3 forma challenges pops up this coming week or the next one. So I could forma it and then miss out on the task later, Or I don't forma and miss out on using it in its bankai form until the challenge pops up again. The 3 forma challenge is a net loss every time. Also last time you said I should have had 6 forma by the time it came around again. I had not earned the second lot of forma at that time. So it was a net loss if I did it.
  8. Is this happening at the time the day resets? If so, if you haven't got your daily login before you start the new challenges, go to a relay and then back. Once you have your daily login reward it should work fine. Things are always glitchy around this time. Needs to be addressed.
  9. TLDR after this point. If you're saying the amount of wolf creds you get after prestiging is too low? I agree, It should be at least 25 per rank, or 50 at the same points it was in the first 30.
  10. There was so much wrong in your post from not understanding where he won't spawn to not liking Archwing that only a meme was suitable. Rather than come here and complain and display nothing but ignorance. Google what you don't know first.
  11. He did with me, as soon as he killed me once, him and his 3 fugitive buddies left. I'd say someone got revived before everyone died, or Everyone wasn't dead at the same time.
  12. Wolf escapes when everyone is downed too. And when you're MR0 they are bullet sponges.
  13. Yes, I do see that, but I also see that they won't be able to beat Stalker, Zanuka, and The Grustrag 3. So why should Rid$&*^ of Wall Street be a pushover just because you don't want to equip the right gear to face him? Also, you're correct it would be pointless for me to continue this discussion when you can't even admit that you have been wrong several times in this discussion.
  14. Not at all what you said, Stop trying to move the goal post and admit you were wrong. No, I get that, You don't seem to get the point that if you aren't willing to be prepared for the chance he may spawn. Don't complain that it is broken because you got wrecked because you chose not to be prepared. You keep ignoring or not understanding that point just so you can come back with a stupid unrelated answer. No, it's not. Wrong again. https://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/can't+be+arsed Yep, and I wouldn't expect an MR0 to be prepared for Zanuka, The Grustrag 3 or "What Stalker?" Nope, again you missed the part where I said I was unprepared twice. You did not see me on the forums complaining about how he was too tough and he killed me one time, and the other time took 5 minutes to whittle him down. You also don't see me bragging I've soloed him several times.
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