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  1. I'm not sure if it is a bug, but when I logged in the next day after having the catch up mission show up, I had all of the ones I had skipped.
  2. I was expecting this, Although at least it is not 5 and only 3000 points but 3 and worth 4500 this time around.
  3. Yes you can, I have recovered 3 or 4 I couldn't be bothered doing when they first popped up,
  4. I think this is a step back from the hourly system of alerts, also None of Nightwave is actually daily. Event he daily tasks are around for 3 days. The new catch up system which I now have experienced also removes some of the need to play even on a weekly basis as you can skip a week, or more then do all of the tasks in a week to recover earlier missed tasks.
  5. No, I was threatening to block him because he continually misinterpreted what I was actually saying. And it felt like it either he was just not reading what I actually said and responding to what he wanted me to have said, or was just doing it on purpose.
  6. I don't know if your incapable of understanding the complaint, or deliberately misunderstanding it. None of those have anything to do with my complaint. My complaint is not that I want to do it now. My complaint is that it should not be a challenge at all. Or it they insist on putting it in Nightwave that it be something that people can do over the course of the entire nightwave at their own pace. So It's forma 9 or 12 slots over the course of the 10-15 weeks that Night Wave runs for. But again my complaint has never been about getting the rewards now. But that the knowledge that it will show up again at some point creates a wait to play mentality. Same as with Ayatans. Find them now, but do you slot them and then spend an hour or 2 running Mariana with limbo to find 5 when it pops up? Or do you leave them in your inventory unslotted so that when the task pops up in the future you have them in your inventory waiting and ready? Again, just so you can understand this very clearly. This complaint is NOT ABOUT WANTING THEM NOW. It's about them being tasks at all. Now if I have to explain it to you again, then I know you're just trolling and will simply block you.
  7. That is a good point. Phorid is just as fast and easy as a Capture mission. You only need to do 3 captures for the same amount of points. Also 3 runs on Phorid is all you need for the Invasion reward.
  8. Hmmm No. FOMO is the irrational fear that no matter how many NW tasks you do, you will not hit 30 before it ends. FOMO is the need to do all the alerts now, Immediately. Waiting to play is the polar opposite of FOMO, but is just as bad for the game.
  9. See that's not FOMO. That's me understanding how Nightwave works. And knowing that If I forma stuff now, I'll have nothing to forma in the future. So I have to wait. I'm not worried about prestige, I wasn't worried about it last time, Once I hit 30 and got a few ranks to add the credits to what I already had left from the first 30 so I could buy something I stopped doing night wave. But this is the thing, whether it is slotting Ayatan sculptures or using Forma, these tasks in Night Wave are creating a wait to play system. it's not a fear of missing out, it's knowledge that if you wait, you will be rewarded. Unfortunately you lack the ability to comprehend that.
  10. So I got the new Convectrix mod a few days ago, and my first thought was that i wanted to go have some fun with it an pop a forma in it to do a decent build. but then I had to stop, and do nothing because any forma I put in it now will be wasted, and I have to wait for the next 3 forma task to come around. So I though what if the forma, and Ayatan sculpture tasks ( we know this will pop up again) are actually implemented as season long tasks. This would accomplish two things, first it would allow people to forma items as they wish and it would also give a time frame for the length of the Night wave season. Say the forma task was use forma 9 times during the season with it showing the 10-12 week expiry time. and it would be worth the complete amount of standing. People would see the length of the season and be able to calculate how much standing they need, and it would alleviate the irrational FOMO.
  11. I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic or facetious or whatever. The last 2 are legit concerns, while the first two are just self entitled and lazy. You're basically saying "reward me for doing nothing." That's what the daily log in rewards are for.
  12. Elite were only 9000 for Intermission they were 5k and normal were 3k for season 1. Also Mastery rank is not a measure of skill in this game, it's a measure of how much of the items in the game you have levelled up.
  13. I just checked Jailer is showing for me
  14. I have never seen this catch up mechanic. And I have never seen Weekly tasks show as completed without completing them. But today I have no new daily. So anything is possible. Have you submitted a bug report to customer support?
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