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  1. He drops heavy impact A LOT. Really annoying since it isn't even useful. Also somehow have gotten more Hate drops than Dread or Despair.
  2. Saw I need 2 for the Limbo quest, got them in the first two random tower missions I played. By the time my clan was bored of tower runs I had 7 more. It would still be nice if they added more places to get them, or even allowed extractors to get them. The biggest annoyance is that you have them when you don't need them and need them when you don't have them.
  3. +1 Pretty much this. I don't need another slip magazine, but I'd love to have another Argon Plating mod.
  4. If you think it's too accurate just spray wildly in the general direction of enemies, you'll still kill them all (or put on max heavy caliber). If you think this weapon feel weird due to its accuracy you should try the Dera, that thing is freaky (pinpoint accuracy and projectile speed).
  5. This is definitely an issue. My team was consistently having problems with invisible enemies contesting towers. I had another similar bug where the whole squad made it to extraction in extermination without finding enemies and then they showed up when we went back.
  6. The first time I tried the Limbo quest we lost the towers, got wiped, and used up a bunch of revives and failed (never actually failed any interception before). The next time I went with a full team coordinated over voice chat with tanky frames (but mostly unmodded wings) on and beat it in one try and got 11 proof fragments. If you compare to the Hidden Messages quest line the enemy level is pretty similar. This wont be too big of an issue once you have a good complement of mods, but I'd hate to be someone who has to solo this mission. I do wish they would give you some damaged archwing mods a
  7. Me and my teammates have gotten stuck in other places as well. They need to polish up some of the hit boxes.
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