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  1. Scrap Relics for Traces as an option. Sometimes we have very little time to farm traces so scraping Relics for Traces as an option would be pretty cool and many people including myself has a railjack full of relics so why not.
  2. So you won't want them to add more things to do in the Steel Path, I play it because it's fun too. But I am just saying I think it would be cool if more was in the Steel Path is that such a wrong thing to want??? I'm confused to why your against adding more to something you like? If you don't want to farm a Steel weapon Varrient of old weapons then that's cool just don't. Or if your just against with what I said people play Steel Path for just steel Essence that doesn't apply to everyone I hardly do the daily's that gives you 3 I just do the missions because the enjoyment of playing it.
  3. I'm Mastery Rank 30 I'm cool with these weapons not giving any mastery.
  4. The Steel Path is a wonderful addition to the game offering us vets some what of a challenge however I think there was opportunity that was missed into it's development. If you remember Captain Vor dropped two weapons the Chronus and the Seer I'll come back to this in a moment. WHY PLAYERS PLAY STEEL PATH. The reason why players do Steel Path is for Steel Essence. However I think if they added more in Steel Path they could have given Players a better reason to play it. I know new Arcanes will be farmed in Steel Path with the new updates but more is always better. ADDING A NEW VARIANT TO STEEL PATH. imagine you defeated Vor and you run to Extraction and you get a new weapon blueprint THE STEEL CHRONUS and it is just a better variant of the normal star chat blade maybe these weapons could also have unique passive abilities or when a grineer Heavy Gunner drops the GORGON you'd get a STEEL GORGON instead, there are multiple weapons you can farm from bosses and enemies in the normal game. But farming these bosses or enemies in the steel path just to wait 5 minutes or 5 waves or so for a Acolyte to drop a resource we all came their for and that alone feels so very tedious. I want more from the Steel Path something that would give me a purpose doing it other then one enemy that shows up every now and again.
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