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You can find me hanging out at these scenic locations sippin on some Greedy Milk: 

PC: [DE]Danielle
PS4: DE_Soelloo 
Switch: [DE]Danielle 
Twitter: @soelloo

Learn more about the volunteer programs here: https://www.warframe.com/community/volunteers

Before sending me a PM, be sure to check out these helpful links you can use to reach us faster:

  • Got a bug, feedback, or community-related inquiries you'd like to share privately? Our Community Inbox is the place to go! 
  • Experiencing an account related issue? Please send a ticket to support
  • You can tweet me @soelloo and I'll do my best to reply there! Please keep in mind I cannot reply to account related issues as those must be sent to support.

Profile image by the wonderful Rabbit Entrails ❤️


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