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  1. so is there any chance or any plans that warframe will start doing more with the infested? i feel like theres so much potential in it. and the infested room in the ship was a bit disappointing (aside from the charger.)
  2. so, would it be better to have 2 khoras with a speed nova and trinity ?
  3. so a question about this. so the first question, does the drop chance increase from hydroid 4th ability augment stack with nekros's desecrate? and if so heres my second question, what do yall think about this team comp for farming materials. 1. EV Trinity Prime 2. Hydroid Prime 4th ability with drop change increase (unsure what the build name is) 3. Speed Nova Prime 4. Desecrate Nekros Prime what are yalls thoughts on this type of team comp?
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