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  1. I feel like "The Fleet" introduced in the Deadlock Protocol quest is more fitting, except Corpus are not united under one single banner like Grineers are- so it would make sense to have multiple smaller clusters of Corpus fleet . Problem is, that would quickly clutter the star chart... I'm curious how "the board of Directors" works ,it's allways been there but has never been properly introduced. I imagine it as this digital conference where Corpus big shots meet and trade,discuss and decide the next direction in corpus military. I guess with the Corpus it would make less sense to stick toghether. Unless there is profit for everyone.
  2. Hmm..Grenade launcher Kitgun... Y'know what? Sign me in ! It would be lovely if modular weaponry got extra bits for further customization, like an alt fire for kitguns or extra parts for zaws ( something like a sindycate effect with conditions? It doesn't need to be game changing). And the kitgun barrels/ chambers being just 3 is a bottleneck for the choices in kitguns. More would breath new life, just as the primary stocks and Plague Star's bits did. Considering the Solaris are mine workers, it would make sense to have a boltor-like chamber, a nail shooter... Or maybe we could have a homemade disc blade launcher? a Miter that does not suck? The possibilities are almost infinite...
  3. If I remember Reb mentioned in devstream (as this was firstly announced) that the enemy levels will be BASE mission levels, + 100 ! I'm interested in seeing how this goes.
  4. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  5. This Hard mode just sounds like Nightmare 2.0. Why not just add these into Nightmare, and not create just yet another "layer of content" that will be ignored after a couple weeks post launch? The game is wonderfully bloated with different modes: Fissures,Arbies, Railjack, Liches, Siphons, Sorties, Nightmare, et cetera. Of course, I understand that linking pre- existing systems, such as Railjack and Liches, is no easy feat from a development stand-point. But if this "Hard / harder daddy" mode is going to become just another layer, I don't think it will be a success if not for a few brief moments.
  6. I'd love to see a Dojo Foundry. Something that requires alot to build for itself, but once you have it, you should be able to queue craft (wich is my wet dream, no more hours wasted managing inventory) by inserting resources and blueprints. Got 5 formas ready to build? no need to log in every day of the week. Need to refine the Exploiter drops to help Ticker pay off those debts? Queue them. And if that sounds too much, just the basic virtualization from ESC menu to be able to interact with your orbiter from anywhere(Foundry,relics,operator stuff,pets management)...
  7. This right here! I would love if we could ACTUALLY use different spaces instead of the orbiter. Have Ordis run something like a "virtualization" of the Orbiter, I don't mind hearing his 3 years old joke lines while being in my dojo. Railjack was promised as this,anyway. As the Obstacle course, btw, it allready exists... And the concept of a "personal room" in a dojo is a dream that I share, my orbiter's reached full capacity in decoration !
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