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  1. I'll be honest, Void storms are awesome looking. But I will stick to captures if there's any. When you're farming ducats you want to maximize the output with the shortest time investment possible. I love Railjack, but even if they made it baby-proof compared to alpha (wich is good), it's not going to be something people will look up to. The one-time get items(nautilus,epitaph) are making me turn my nose up in disgust, the time and awareness cost is greater than a normal capture. I wholeheartedly agree with the idea of cracking multiple relics per mission, and,to add my own, I'm shocked th
  2. I DO wonder, WHEN will the Client be able to skip the landing craft's "mission start cinematic" ? if the host skips it, everyone who loads after the host is STUCK watching . This can be a real bother , expecially in fissure missions, like for example captures. When will the Foundry's images be fixed? some entries get their image stretched and mis-proportioned . Allways on the Foundry Segment, can we PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE get sub categories for the modular section? I can NOT tell apart k drive parts from operator amp parts. Little Duck was looking angry when I brought her an engine and a
  3. True, the warframe to specter needs some work on...
  4. No, I mean why was the community hive-mind on the "no thanks" opinion for the item? I understand, and completely agree that the 24h timer is just stupid. Warframe needs less daily grind, and (but this is getting offtopic, forgive me) in my opinion, the "layers of grind", as I like to call them, should be intertwined, rather than separated. In practice, give the chanche to run a kuva flood, a fissure and steel path, all at once in an open world, with selectable objectives.This means introducing more interactable (big glitchy mess for DEvs!) or Mission Crafting, Payday2 style. I was against
  5. "3 Umbra forma= sentience" doesn't make sense, lore wise, if you paid attention, during the Sacrifice quest. Operators "calm" the warframe, and the warframe empowers the operator with its strength and (plot-wise) immortality. Umbra is different because Ballas made him specifically so, out of spite. And gameplay talk, I'm not going to bother grinding 3 whole umbras for an extra specter that may die and glitch me out. Also, I don't understand the view of the "Warframe self-awareness bad" mentality. Can somebody explain me why? is it because of the Specter AI? or because of Disruption/drop
  6. I think DE is missing out on critical data by not making a poll after releasing this update. Something like asking "What's better? the vs Grineer or vs Corpus? both? neither ?" - and see how it goes. Personally, I side with the dogfighter over ground mission gameplay, the Grineer missions are better now, even if I prefer Corpus as a faction to fight. After checking the drops, I'm just going to ignore the side objectives, since they: -only give extra materials that I allready don't need -the stupid drone chase around the map. I felt like a cat chasing a laser point and I a
  7. I 100% agree with the turret problem. I enjoyed the old interiors far more, the "inner navigation" was a problem no one had, except some DEv's imaginary friend I guess.
  8. Personally, I like(d) the Avionics screen and the large ship interiors. Cutting down the size means removing possible additions, if any at all, without drastically changing the shape of the interior. Also, I hope they're not removing the Avionic modding screen from the dojo menu. Keeping it will lead to old UI overlap with the new ones, while removing it will mean hell for customization. I hope the DEvs remember there were supposed to be new screens for modding, wich never came out. The "problem" of navigating the ship was only for beginners, after Tactical 3 (not high) you can allready w
  9. Dojos never truly felt like a home, unless properly decorated, for me. So I very much agree with you - a player personal room(s) would be amazing, expecially for those sick in the head like me who ran out of decoration capacity in the Orbiter, spent hours ikeaframing, and still have a couple of collections in inventory rather than placed, bringing anxiety. Another note is that this issue rises from clan leaders being either M.I.A. or not trusting their own members to build a couple of rooms. The problem, however, rises when a player leaves a clan. How will the room(s) be managed?
  10. I'm sick and tired and this is a 10PM post. DE, for the mercy of God, Put the flipping thing in uncommon tier. Or give it to Father's shop. It is hard to hold back on the insults. It is hards to hold back on the rage. I have run past the 100 bounty steps, bonus and everything, I wasted hours on the S#&$ty pre- vault vault mission - WHERE 9/10 pubbers , with no surprise of mine, LEAVE after completing, forever OBLIVIUS to the Arcana bounties. And after soloing it did NOT. FLIPPING. DROP. If the new standard for any half arse of any weapon has to be ONLY behind RNG, I'
  11. I love the trumna's alt (previus Tonkor boy here), but I find myself more than once finding the auto fire damage be underwhelming. I really would love a gentle nudge towards higher auto weapons dmg ,as it is often nerfed more than its worth. This applies to kitguns too. Why did my lil' rattleguts gain absolutely nothing extra for primary?
  12. They should make a whole shop with these random items and posters. That would make things easier for Twitch drops as well.
  13. ..Now that I think about it, if the Lotus is gone, who's in charge of the Tenno,the relay and all the relationships with sindycates? Surely not Teshin? He'd slap anyone for whining about anything and lecture about balance....
  14. First time getting vaporized? Ah, takes me back to the void bombard moments...or the Neptune nullifiers with lanka. You'll get used to it. Happens to the best of us.
  15. My 2 cents on the whole rollecoaster : I sincerely hope they DELIVER on the Railjack "Seamless" gameplay. I dream of not having to farm fissures, kuva, liches and sindycates separatedly. The Rj started beyond horribly, but is a batch of fresh air in a coffin nailed shut. Warframe allways had several systems full of potential being introducted, and being modified, or abandoned as they grow, or rot into shallow ponds of content. Focus, Relics, Liches,Relays... I don't have to make a list, we all know it, I think. Best we can do is hope for the better judgement of DE in the coming
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