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  1. I love the infested chamber room we have for our dojo's now! I was wondering if we could get a whole new updated set of infested "rooms" If you could repurpose the infested tunnels from deimos and isolation vaults area we could have new connectors just like the tenno ones with: - x-shape -straight shape -T shape - bend (left/right corner) If you could repurpose the infested parts in the isolation vault bounties or maybe cut out some parts from inside the caves where we could have our own endocrine water pools for our dojo's, turning one of the caves into a skybox
  2. So you're telling me i signed up to amazon prime in december 2020 - looking forward to a whole year of prime rewards and exclusives - with warframe being the only game i wanted to redeem stuff for since it's the only game i play that had rewards going on, and after just one month, the prime loot for warframe has ended? lmao
  3. During the intermission will rewards from nightwaves 1 & 2 be available? 'cause i really be needing some of that stuff :c
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