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  1. Anyone having issues with gunnery intrinsic rank 9 (i.e. pressing reload /square button) to reduce cooldown not really doing anything?
  2. Rank 9 Gunnery intrinsic where reloading (i.e. "square" button on Playstation) doesn't seem to cool weapons any faster. Anyone else experiencing this?
  3. I received the Tier3 Early Adopter items just now - Thank you for fixing so quickly!
  4. I had 27 built wreckages and in fact, when I go to my armaments section in my dry dock, it shows 27/29 capacity for armaments. I also had a fully maxed avionics grid. The only inbox message I received as for the statue.
  5. Anyone else on Playstation who did not receive the Early Adopter Tier 3 items? I did meet the minimum built wreckages and a fully maxed out avionics grid.
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